Since ar­riv­ing in Genoa City in 1982, Ash­ley Ab­bott has racked up a long list of complicated and night­mar­ish mar­riage fi­as­cos. It’s no won­der she had sworn off men until she met Ravi

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(Rod Ar­rants) Treated for a VIC­TOR- in­duced men­tal break­down in a New York san­i­tar­ium in 1987, ASH­LEY fell in love with her psy­chi­a­trist STEVEN LASSITER. Ash­ley ac­cepted Steven’s pro­posal and they mar­ried in an in­ti­mate cer­e­mony in the Ab­bott home. How­ever, their hap­pi­ness was trag­i­cally brief. Months af­ter mar­ry­ing, Steven was shot dead by one of his deranged pa­tients, leav­ing Ash­ley a bereft widow.


(Eric Brae­den) By 1990, VIC­TOR and ASH­LEY found them­selves seek­ing so­lace and seren­ity at the Ab­bott cabin to es­cape their lat­est love tra­vails. Spend­ing a peace­ful and in­ti­mate evening to­gether, he and Ash­ley re­alised the love they had once shared was still alive. Im­pul­sively, they sum­moned a min­is­ter to the cabin and got mar­ried. De­spite weather­ing many prob­lems, Ash­ley fi­nally re­alised that she couldn’t com­pete with Vic­tor’s per­pet­ual fas­ci­na­tion with NIKKI and fi­nally kicked him out af­ter learn­ing he’d had an af­fair with her.


(Michael Tylo) Di­vorc­ing VIC­TOR in 1993, ASH­LEY quickly fell in love with Jabot’s new pho­tog­ra­pher who was nick­named BLADE. Their sub­se­quent en­gage­ment was soon complicated by the ar­rival of Blade’s venge­ful ex-lover MARI JO MA­SON (Diana Bar­ton) who wanted to pun­ish Blade for al­low­ing his iden­ti­cal twin brother RICK to drown. Hid­ing his past from ev­ery­one, Blade mar­ried Ash­ley in a small cer­e­mony but the new bride soon sus­pected that her hus­band was be­hav­ing awk­wardly.

In re­al­ity, an alive Rick had kid­napped and im­pris­oned Blade and as­sumed his iden­tity, fool­ing Ash­ley with the ruse. How­ever, tragedy fol­lowed when Blade es­caped to un­mask Rick. Pur­su­ing his im­poster, Blade was killed in­stantly when his car was crushed by a train.


(J. Ed­die Peck) Sin­gle again until 1997, ASH­LEY fell in love with VIC­TO­RIA’s es­tranged hus­band COLE, while help­ing re­search the new book he was writ­ing. Dis­cov­er­ing the af­fair, Vic­to­ria ma­li­ciously di­vorced him and, once free, Cole pledged his love to Ash­ley and they mar­ried but Vic­to­ria had fallen preg­nant dur­ing an assig­na­tion with Cole. The sub­se­quent birth and death of baby EVE left Ash­ley feel­ing iso­lated and her mar­riage slowly fell apart as Cole clung to Vic­to­ria in his grief. Even­tu­ally, Cole and Ash­ley ac­cepted their mar­riage was over and Cole moved to London, di­vorc­ing Ash­ley via air­mail!


(Don Di­a­mont) Af­ter steal­ing VIC­TOR’s sperm and im­preg­nat­ing her­self with his baby in 2000, ASH­LEY wel­comed her now ex-brother-in­law BRAD’s ro­man­tic ad­vances. Of­fer­ing to pose as the baby’s fa­ther, a love-struck Brad pro­posed and he and Ash­ley mar­ried lit­er­ally mo­ments be­fore ABBY was born. Hid­ing Abby’s true pa­ter­nity, Ash­ley had a happy mar­riage to Brad until she was di­ag­nosed with breast cancer and un­der­went a rad­i­cal mas­tec­tomy in 2002.

Sur­pris­ingly, the Carl­ton mar­riage weath­ered the cancer cri­sis but when Ash­ley learned she was preg­nant and suf­fer­ing from hy­po­gly­caemia, her el­e­vated stress lev­els sent her to a well­ness re­treat. Months later, tragedy en­sued when a heav­ily preg­nant Ash­ley was in­jured in an hor­rific car crash while driv­ing home.

Her pre­ma­turely born baby boy ROBERT died in surgery and Ash­ley suc­cumbed to crip­pling post­na­tal de­pres­sion. Ul­ti­mately, her mar­riage to Brad broke down and they di­vorced in 2005.


Un­ex­pect­edly re­u­nit­ing with VIC­TOR in 2008 af­ter the death of his wife SAB­RINA (Raya Med­dine), ASH­LEY became preg­nant and mar­ried Vic­tor but quickly fell vic­tim to the machi­na­tions of Vic­tor’s son ADAM (Michael Muh­ney) who hated his fa­ther. Adam drove Ash­ley in­sane ul­ti­mately caus­ing her to mis­carry her baby. De­vel­op­ing a false preg­nancy, Ash­ley vol­un­tar­ily com­mit­ted her­self to the psy­chi­atric ward where Adam stole SHARON’s (Sharon Case) new­born and gave the baby to Ash­ley. Af­ter the truth emerged, Ash­ley re­cov­ered and di­vorced Vic­tor.


(Stephen Ni­chols) Ash­ley fell in love with TUCKER, KATHER­INE’s (Jeanne Cooper) newly dis­cov­ered bi­o­log­i­cal son, in 2010. How­ever, ASH­LEY’s jeal­ous daugh­ter ABBY (thenMarcy Ry­lan) plot­ted to break them up but the plan back­fired when she drunk­enly mowed him down ren­der­ing him co­matose. Luck­ily Tucker woke up and mar­ried Ash­ley in a hos­pi­tal bed­side cer­e­mony but the mar­riage ul­ti­mately shat­tered in di­vorce in 2012 when Ash­ley dis­cov­ered Tucker in bed with an­other woman.

Ash­ley mar­ries her first hus­band Steven (Rod Ar­rants)




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