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The gor­geous opera diva re­turns to Salem, steal­ing Lu­cas’s heart – and also at­tract­ing a mys­tery fan, on Days of Our Lives.

After spend­ing a few months in Vi­enna, per­form­ing in an opera singing tour, Chloe has now re­turned home to Salem. She’s happy to be back in town and Lu­cas is also thrilled at her home­com­ing – be­cause he’s de­cided he wants to rekindle a ro­mance with her.

Sur­prised by Lu­cas’s (Bryan Dat­tilo) ex­cite­ment at her come­back, Chloe (Nadia Bjor­lin) hap­pily ac­cepted his in­vi­ta­tion of a date... but as they were mak­ing plans, they were un­aware that a stranger was stalk­ing Chloe’s ev­ery move from the shad­ows! The ob­server then re­ported back to a mys­te­ri­ous, un­seen per­son that Chloe was back and he’d be keep­ing a close eye on her.

Fol­low­ing sev­eral days of sur­veil­lance, the mys­tery man made Chloe aware of his pres­ence when he had flow­ers de­liv­ered to her at Doug’s Place night­club. Ini­tially as­sum­ing the beau­ti­ful bou­quet was Lu­cas’s lat­est bid to woo her, Chloe was un­fazed… un­til he revealed that he never sent the flow­ers! With the at­tached card un­signed, Chloe had no idea who her se­cret ad­mirer was – un­til the stranger ap­proached her and Lu­cas at the club and in­tro­duced him­self as Miguel Gar­cia (Phillip An­thony-Ro­driguez). Ad­mit­ting he sent the flow­ers, Miguel suc­ceeds in arous­ing Lu­cas’s jeal­ousy, and Chloe’s sus­pi­cions; she curtly told Miguel send­ing flow­ers to a woman he didn’t know was creepy.

Chloe and Lu­cas were fur­ther un­nerved and rat­tled when Miguel ex­plained that the bou­quet was from his boss who’d seen her per­form in Aus­tria. At the end of the even­ing, Miguel’s boss had sent her more flow­ers, with a signed card invit­ing her out to din­ner. Se­cretly hop­ing that Miguel’s boss was just a fan­boy, Chloe apol­o­gised for not be­ing able to ac­cept the in­vi­ta­tion. But when Miguel asked her to dine with his boss that week, Lu­cas stepped in, forc­ing Chloe to ad­mit that she’s now dat­ing him. To Chloe and Lu­cas’s sur­prise, Miguel was quite un­de­terred by her re­jec­tion, adding that his boss wanted her to star in an opera in Mex­ico. Once Miguel de­parted, Chloe and Lu­cas puz­zled over the strange, cu­ri­ous con­ver­sa­tion, won­der­ing what it all meant and where it would lead!

The ques­tion of Miguel’s true mo­tives and the iden­tity of his boss is in­deed puz­zling. There’s a chance Miguel’s boss is a gen­uine fan who has an au­then­tic job of­fer for Chloe that could lead her to even greater mu­si­cal heights but, more wor­ry­ingly, he could be a crazed stalker who has be­come ob­sessed with Chloe and wants to do her harm.

Then again, the an­swer to the mys­tery could be closer to home. Miguel could be on Kate’s (Lau­ren Koslow) pay­roll and, given that Lu­cas’s mother has hated Chloe for years, Kate may be pay­ing Miguel to make trou­ble for Chloe in order to ruin her ro­mance with Lu­cas.

Chloe (Nadia Bjor­lin) and Lu­cas (Bryan Dat­tilo) are taken aback by Miguel (Phillip An­thony-Ro­driguez). KATE

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