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In the wake of Bill’s shoot­ing, Liam’s ab­so­lutely gob­s­macked to learn his fa­ther be­trayed him by propos­ing to Steffy, on The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful.

His anx­i­ety height­ens when he spies Caro­line (Lin­sey God­frey) emerg­ing from Bill’s room. Un­aware that Caro­line was try­ing to kill Bill by shut­ting off his oxy­gen sup­ply and at­tempt­ing to stran­gle him, Liam is rat­tled when Caro­line rants about hat­ing her un­cle for mak­ing her lie about be­ing ter­mi­nally ill. The sud­den ar­rival of De­tec­tive Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) fur­ther un­nerves Liam when the cop men­tions the is­sues be­tween Liam and his fa­ther, hint­ing that he could’ve shot Bill. Steffy and Hope are mor­ti­fied by the ac­cu­sa­tions as a dis­be­liev­ing Liam stam­mers that he didn’t shoot him and he hates guns. He doesn’t want or need Bill’s money ei­ther and was with Steffy when the shoot­ing oc­curred so he never had the mo­tive or, in­deed, the op­por­tu­nity...

Liam is in agony over his com­pli­cated feel­ings about Bill and seeks com­fort with a sup­port­ive Hope, who re­veals that Bill asked Steffy to marry him be­fore he was shot! Stunned, Liam al­most hy­per­ven­ti­lates as Hope tells him she heard him de­fend­ing Bill in the hospi­tal and felt he needed to know the whole truth about his fa­ther. He starts rant­ing about his fa­ther’s be­trayal when Steffy in­ter­rupts and con­firms Hope’s ver­sion of events. She bears the brunt of Liam’s angst as his ha­tred of Bill spills out, mak­ing him look like a fool for weep­ing at Bill’s bed!

Once Liam has stormed off to con­front a now-con­scious Bill, Steffy tack­les Hope for acutely wors­en­ing Liam’s state of mind with the pro­posal news and ac­cuses her love ri­val of mak­ing more trou­ble in her mar­riage. She de­mands that Hope ad­mit that she wants to steal Liam from her but Hope de­nies it, sim­ply stat­ing she only wants to help Liam be happy again.

At the hospi­tal, Liam blasts Bill for propos­ing to Steffy and ques­tions the claim that Ridge shot him, spec­u­lat­ing that Bill wants re­venge on Ridge. Steffy has sim­i­lar thoughts as she won­ders if Bill had Ridge ar­rested to get lever­age over Steffy and force her to ac­cept his mar­riage pro­posal. Vow­ing to be loyal to Liam, Steffy as­sures Bill that his real at­tacker is still on the loose… and then makes din­ner plans with Liam.

Ar­riv­ing at the cliff house for the even­ing, Liam ac­ci­den­tally bangs his head on a tree branch, caus­ing him to suf­fer strange flash­backs of standing out­side the win­dow and see­ing Bill pro­pose to Steffy on the night Bill was shot. Shaken by the rec­ol­lec­tion, Liam’s thoughts be­come be­wil­dered and very mud­dled as he races to see his fa­ther. Con­fronting Bill, he de­mands proof that Ridge shot him but, as Bill de­scribes the scene, Liam has more strange vi­sions, pic­tur­ing him­self wit­ness­ing Bill get shot! Stag­gered to think he saw his fa­ther’s shoot­ing, an over­wrought Liam has a panic at­tack while driv­ing home. Hear­ing the gun­shot echo in his mind, he then des­per­ately reaches for his phone, only to pick up a sheep­skin glove which the po­lice had told him days ear­lier the gun­man wore as he pulled the trig­ger!

In shock, Liam some­how gets home, won­der­ing what’s hap­pen­ing to him. Im­mersed in trau­ma­tis­ing flash­backs, Liam sud­denly re­calls all of the events of that fate­ful night in vivid de­tail and fi­nally re­mem­bers shoot­ing Bill! Con­vuls­ing in hor­ror, Liam col­lapses to the floor in a near-cata­tonic state as Hope ar­rives, fright­ened by his state of mind. She’s taken aback when he cries out, “It was me! I shot my fa­ther!”

As­sum­ing Liam is con­fused, Hope re­fuses to be­lieve he shot Bill and in­sists his imag­i­na­tion is play­ing ter­ri­ble tricks on him; but he’s adamant he pulled the trig­ger. Hold­ing Liam as he falls ex­hausted into her lap, say­ing, “I tried to kill my own fa­ther,” Hope as­sures him he’s not a mur­derer, es­pe­cially when he raves that he should go to prison. Snap­ping at Liam, Hope says she’s not go­ing to let him go to jail be­cause she loves him and wants to pro­tect him!

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