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A newly en­gaged Wy­att and Katie (above) are walk­ing on eggshells fol­low­ing Bill’s lat­est heinous ac­tions in mer­ci­lessly threat­en­ing to sue Katie for full cus­tody of their son Will – if she pro­ceeds with her plans to marry Wy­att. With their ha­tred for Bill rapidly in­ten­si­fy­ing, Wy­att and Katie cling to each other, des­per­ate to find a way to pre­vent Bill ruining their hap­pi­ness.

Be­fore they can for­mu­late a plan of ac­tion, Bill (Don Di­a­mont) makes good on his cus­tody threats, ruth­lessly serv­ing Katie (Heather Tom) with the le­gal doc­u­ments su­ing her for sole cus­tody of their son. Reel­ing from the ter­ri­ble blow, Katie is near tears as Wy­att (Darin Brooks) takes his fi­ancée in his arms, grimly and de­ter­minedly promis­ing her that he won’t let his fa­ther take her son. Wit­ness­ing Katie panic that Bill plays dirty, Wy­att re­it­er­ates that his fa­ther is never go­ing to take any­thing from them again. He hur­riedly ex­its, vow­ing that he’ll stop Bill’s reign of ter­ror, no mat­ter what he has to do, leav­ing Katie hor­ri­fied to think that Wy­att may do some­thing stupid and jeop­ar­dise their fu­ture to­gether.

It’s not long be­fore Katie frets her worst fears have been re­alised when she finds Bill’s body after he’s been shot! Once he’s hos­pi­talised and taken into surgery, Katie is ques­tioned by the po­lice, ask­ing if she knows any­body who’d want to kill her ex. Im­me­di­ately con­cerned that Wy­att pulled the trig­ger, Katie fran­ti­cally tries to reach her fi­ancé. At Katie’s house, Wy­att stum­bles through the front door in a shaken and ner­vous state and, re­al­is­ing she isn’t home, gets blind drunk and passes out, miss­ing her calls.

Later, Wy­att wakes with a hang­over and, dis­cov­er­ing the missed calls from Katie, phones her and learns his fa­ther’s been shot. Sud­denly, he’s lost in his own thoughts as he re­calls Bill scream­ing un­con­trol­lably at him and Katie about be­ing en­gaged and how he’ll de­stroy them if they get mar­ried, leav­ing the ques­tion as to whether Wy­att shot his fa­ther hang­ing omi­nously in the air. Upon Wy­att’s ar­rival at hospi­tal, Katie no­tices her fi­ancé’s fraz­zled state and ner­vously asks him if he was an­gry enough to shoot Bill. De­spite ad­mit­ting his anger to­wards his fa­ther, Wy­att de­nies he’d ever try to kill him.

Mean­while, ev­ery­one else no­tices Katie and Wy­att’s ner­vous­ness, fi­nally forc­ing them to ad­mit that Bill was su­ing Katie for cus­tody of Will be­cause they’re en­gaged to be mar­ried and he wants to stop it. The cou­ple’s fam­i­lies are pleased by the en­gage­ment news and as they of­fer con­grat­u­la­tions, Wy­att prom­ises that he and Katie will be get­ting mar­ried, no mat­ter what tran­spires.

How­ever, Katie’s hap­pi­ness re­mains clouded by her nag­ging sus­pi­cions about what Wy­att may have done as she con­fides to Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) that she fears he

was mad enough to kill his fa­ther. Wy­att does noth­ing to as­suage her fears as he rages an­grily at an un­con­scious Bill upon learn­ing that he’s dis­in­her­ited him. His pal­pa­ble anger isn’t lost on De­tec­tive Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez), who wit­nesses his an­gry out­bursts and won­ders if he shot his fa­ther in a fit of ire.

Deny­ing his cul­pa­bil­ity, Wy­att strug­gles to con­trol his anger and frus­tra­tion, fully aware that if he can’t, his hopes and dreams of mar­ry­ing Katie and form­ing a fam­ily with her may be ir­repara­bly harmed.

Wy­att (Darin Brooks) tries to con­vince Katie (Heather Tom) he’d never harm his dad.

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