SOME­THING’S gotta give

Vera and Jake’s frac­tured re­la­tion­ship hits break­ing point!


(Bernard Curry) trou­bled ar­range­ment reaches crisis point when she dis­cov­ers ex­actly what he gets up to around the cor­ri­dors when he thinks no-one’s watch­ing.

As prison gov­er­nor, Vera’s in charge and has to wear it when any­thing goes wrong. The past month, with pris­on­ers es­cap­ing and an­other be­ing killed, all on her watch, has led to her hold on her job grow­ing very ten­u­ous in­deed!

At the same time, Vera has been com­ing to terms with the fact she’s preg­nant and Jake is the fa­ther. Hav­ing dis­cov­ered how morally re­pug­nant Jake is, Vera can barely stand to look at her col­league, let alone talk to him.

But Vera will soon be forced to make a de­ci­sion about whether she can work with him. It’s dif­fi­cult and of­ten un­pleas­ant, but what will change Vera’s out­look is when she learns dark se­crets about the life he’s kept hid­den from her. And once she does have all the dirt, Vera de­cides ex­actly what she has to do about this man who has tor­tured her ex­is­tence for too long.

Ruby (Rar­ri­wuy Hick) must an­swer to big sis­ter Rita (Leah Pur­cell). Car­ry­ing his baby has given Vera valu­able in­sights into the com­pli­cated char­ac­ter that is Jake Stewart. She knows one thing to be true – she hates him now more than ever! In up­com­ing...

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