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Gas ex­plo­sions rip through Salem, killing MADI­SON (Sarah Brown), JACK (Matthew Ash­ford) and AN­DREW (Caleb Hunt)! BRADY (Eric Mart­solf) mourns his fi­ancée, while JEN­NIFER (Melissa Reeves) and her chil­dren grieve for Jack. CHAD (Casey Jon Dei­drick), GABI (Camila Banus), ME­LANIE (Molly Bur­nett), NI­COLE (Ari­anne Zucker) and SAMI (Ali­son Sweeney) luck­ily sur­vive the car­nage.

STEFANO (Joseph Mas­colo) re­turns from the dead when IAN (Ian Buchanan) kid­naps EJ (James Scott). He re­veals that he faked Stefano’s death, also con­firm­ing the dis­turb­ing news that EJ is re­ally Stefano’s bi­o­log­i­cal son! Nev­er­the­less, EJ out of hand re­jects Stefano’s rec­on­cil­i­a­tion of­fer, prompt­ing him to leave town, hurt­ing KATE (Lau­ren Koslow) – she’s hu­mil­i­ated by his re­jec­tion.

EJ wants to rec­on­cile with SAMI but she re­jects him for her chil­dren’s sake – even though LUCAS (Bryan Dat­tilo) dumps her. Sami shares in­ti­mate mo­ments with RAFE (Galen Ger­ing), but EJ wins her over and they pas­sion­ately re­unite! The charges against them re­lat­ing to the mur­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion are dropped, but EJ loses his po­si­tion as mayor. Out­raged to hear that

ME­LANIE was in­volved in GABI’s ab­duc­tion, CHAD dumps Gabi and has im­promptu sex with WILL, who’s dev­as­tated af­ter get­ting into fights with LUCAS and SONNY. Af­ter­wards, though, they agree to re­main “just friends” be­cause Will’s yearn­ing to be with Sonny.

NI­COLE de­cides to be with DANIEL (Shawn Chris­tian) but wor­ries when EJ vows to learn the baby’s true pa­ter­nity... Ni­cole seeks refuge from EJ by mov­ing in with JEN­NIFER and learns her baby’s a boy! She taunts Jen­nifer about be­ing with Daniel, who bonds with Ni­cole over the baby just as Jen­nifer wor­ries Ni­cole will break his heart.

NICK FAL­LON (Blake Ber­ris) comes up for pa­role and JULIE (Su­san Seaforth Hayes) pres­sures his vic­tim ME­LANIE not to op­pose his re­lease from prison. A tor­mented Me­lanie en­dures night­mares about her past or­deal with Nick; he gen­uinely wor­ries about hurt­ing her again. Me­lanie even­tu­ally sup­ports Nick’s re­lease, pleas­ing Nick’s mother JES­SICA (Jean Bruce Scott) and HOPE (Kris­tian Al­fonso). How­ever, CHAD an­grily warns Nick to stay well away from Me­lanie while he’s liv­ing in Salem, as per his strict pa­role con­di­tions. In or­der to pro­tect Me­lanie, Chad pro­poses mar­riage... but she hes­i­tates to ac­cept be­fore com­ing face to face with Nick, who’s now liv­ing at the Kiri­akis man­sion.

ABI­GAIL (Kate Mansi) al­most makes love to CAMERON (Schuyler Yancey)... but can’t go through with it, later ner­vously ad­mit­ting to JEN­NIFER that she’s a vir­gin!






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