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Jack hitches his wagon to Nick’s in­ter­ests as the pa­ter­nity saga deep­ens

Doggedly de­ter­mined to un­earth the true iden­tity of his bi­o­log­i­cal father, Jack thought he’d solved the mys­tery when he found ev­i­dence that the late and longlamented Phillip Chan­cel­lor had sired him. How­ever, be­fore he could even con­tem­plate his new iden­tity his bid to ex­hume Phillip’s corpse for DNA test­ing hit a Jill-sized ob­sta­cle. Learn­ing about Jack’s (Peter Bergman) brazen bid to des­e­crate her beloved Phillip’s mem­ory, Jill (Jess Wal­ton) made waves from beyond the town lim­its be­fore thun­der­ing back into Genoa City to rage at the man she once thought was her step­son. Imag­ine – al­low­ing Kyle (Michael Mealor) to dig into the past! Go­ing berserk, Jill ar­gued with Jack over his ig­no­rance of her or­ders not to dis­re­spect her and Kather­ine’s love for Phillip… but the mo­ment was bro­ken by the DNA rev­e­la­tion that Phillip wasn’t the pa­ter­nal fig­ure in ques­tion! Aghast that his hopes had been dashed once again, Jack re­turned to Dina (Marla Adams) to quiz her again, pray­ing that her de­men­tia wouldn’t con­ceal the an­swers he needed. De­spite pro­duc­ing ev­i­dence that Phillip def­i­nitely wasn’t his father, she be­came flus­tered upon be­ing asked to fi­nally name him!

Re­signed to never know­ing his dad af­ter Dina clammed up,

“Nick would love to use ev­ery last drop of Jack’s pos­si­bly blood­tinged ha­tred for Vic­tor to his own ad­van­tage.”

Jack re­fo­cused his pri­or­i­ties and soon en­tered into an alliance with Nick (Joshua Mor­row), who was fur­ther­ing his re­venge against his father Vic­tor (Eric Brae­den) by start­ing a new busi­ness called Dark Horse that would ri­val New­man En­ter­prises.

Hav­ing spent the last few months se­cretly woo­ing and sign­ing NE’s dis­grun­tled clients, Nick has now amassed a flour­ish­ing com­pany and hired Jack as Dark Horse’s ex­ec­u­tive con­sul­tant and key board mem­ber. Per­pet­u­ally pre­dis­posed to hat­ing Jack, Vic­tor has damned the en­tire move as “bound to fail” – but in do­ing so, he may be open­ing a can of worms.

As Jack be­comes com­fort­ably en­trenched in the new busi­ness, he’ll surely yearn to re­cap­ture his legacy at Jabot, work­ing along­side his “father” John. This will prob­a­bly pro­pel him into restart­ing his search for his father and it could even es­ca­late the war be­tween him and Vic­tor. The New­man mega­lo­manic’s late father Al­bert Miller may, too, be a pos­si­ble can­di­date as Jack’s father. He’s of the same vin­tage as Phillip Chan­cel­lor, Stu­art Brooks, Neil Fen­more and the other men who Dina went to school with and ro­manced around the time Jack was born; and if it’s him, the fall­out will be ex­plo­sive!

Busi­ness wars won’t be the only thing on the men’s minds with the blood ties goug­ing new bat­tle­fronts be­tween them. Both Jack and Vic­tor are pow­er­ful, wealthy men in their own right, who value fam­ily (or so Vic­tor of­ten says, with­out demon­strat­ing it!) over all else; so they would be equally de­ter­mined to fight to prove who has the greater worth as Al­bert’s off­spring. This could also prove for­tu­itous for Nick who would just love to use ev­ery last drop of Jack’s pos­si­bly blood-tinged ha­tred for Vic­tor to his own ad­van­tage.


Kyle (Michael Mealor) does the spade­work – Jill won’t be happy!


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