Ma­nip­u­la­tive Mogul Bill thinks he’s fi­nally won the war for St­effy’s heart … but will she re­ally Marry hiM?

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A machi­avel­lian mas­ter stroke plays ev­ery­one – in­clud­ing St­effy – right into Bill’s clutches...

One lit­tle – but en­tirely fab­ri­cated – photo has fi­nally given Bill Spencer his heart’s de­sire af­ter hench­man Justin sneak­ily snapped Liam and Hope in an in­ti­mate mo­ment at the Hope for the Fu­ture fash­ion show! Bill thrust the im­age in St­effy’s face as proof that it’s time to end her mar­riage!

Shak­ing with dis­be­lief and anger, St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) then reels as Bill (Don Di­a­mont) re­veals an en­gage­ment ring and asks her to marry him! He knows St­effy can’t help but feel af­fected by Liam’s (Scott Clifton) al­most daily sup­port and con­nec­tion with Hope (An­nika Noelle), and re­it­er­ates he’s the only man who can fully com­mit to her in mind, body and soul. Emo­tion­ally rav­aged, St­effy can’t give Bill the an­swer he wants... and an­nounces that she has to con­front her ex-hus­band and step­sis­ter be­fore she de­cides any­thing.

With Bill left to las­civ­i­ously spec­u­late to Justin (Aaron D. Spears) that Hope’s preg­nancy is the game-changer that di­vides St­effy and Liam for­ever, she ar­rives at For­rester Creations just af­ter her man has lov­ingly re­as­sured Hope that while he in­tends to be the father that Kelly needs, he’s also go­ing to be a dad to their child as well. In Hope’s dress­ing room, she and Liam are ex­cit­edly gush­ing about the suc­cess of the fash­ion show and, as talk turns to their child, Liam sud­denly kisses Hope. They’re still lock­ing lips when St­effy un­ex­pect­edly opens the door and shouts, “Oh! My! God! How could you!”

Nei­ther Hope nor Liam has time to re­spond as they break apart to hear St­effy yelling that while she’s been at home car­ing for Kelly, Liam’s get­ting busy romp­ing with his other baby­mama! Shout­ing down Hope’s protests that they didn’t

mean to be in­ti­mate, St­effy turns her fully-fledged fury on her ex as she re­minds Liam they live to­gether and it’s only been weeks since he asked her to marry him! Rant­ing that she’s had enough of the two hyp­ocrites mak­ing her feel ter­ri­ble for so long, St­effy’s in no mood for flimsy ex­pla­na­tions and tells Liam that he’s de­stroyed their fam­ily for the last time! Yep, seems she’s done with him!

Storm­ing out­side in a bid to re­gain her com­po­sure, St­effy leaves a with­er­ing Liam and Hope to pon­der what they’ve done. Driv­ing out of the com­pany car park, St­effy’s con­sumed with mem­o­ries of her ro­mance with Liam... but as her mind re­hashes his ear­lier in­ti­macy with Hope, a car horn brings her back to re­al­ity just in time for her to avoid a nasty crash!

Over at Spencer Publi­ca­tions, Bill is busy ru­mi­nat­ing to Justin about the love tri­an­gle en­mesh­ing his son and his two paramours. He no longer be­lieves St­effy wants to re­marry Liam and wouldn’t be sur­prised if she found him in Hope’s arms when she got to For­rester. If so, “the end is here,” Bill tri­umphantly de­clares. Agree­ing the re­sult­ing con­fronta­tion sure would’ve been ugly, Bill scoffs that Liam would only make an even big­ger mess of it by plead­ing for St­effy’s for­give­ness.

Soon af­ter, Bill is alone when St­effy sud­denly ap­pears in the door­way and he can tell by the ex­pres­sion on her face that his ear­lier spec­u­la­tion has played out just as he thought! In a rage, St­effy says Bill was right. She was at home with her baby while Liam was half-naked in a dress­ing room with Hope! Burst­ing into tears, St­effy ac­cepts Bill’s com­fort be­fore do­ing a deal with him that will give her the ul­ti­mate power she craves in her per­sonal life. De­spite Justin’s warn­ing that the agree­ment is prob­lem­atic, St­effy and Bill sign and no­tarise the doc­u­ment, with the sneak an­tic­i­pat­ing St­effy will be his bride very soon! As a sym­bol of the en­gage­ment deal, Bill gives St­effy his prized sword

“St­effy sud­denly ap­pears in the door­way and Bill can tell by the ex­pres­sion on her face that it’s all played out just as he thought.”

neck­lace. Con­tented he’s fi­nally se­cured St­effy’s heart, Bill sends her to give Liam the bomb­shell news while he smugly in­forms a gob­s­macked Wy­att (Darin Brooks) of the lat­est de­vel­op­ments...

Mean­while, the sight of St­effy stand­ing in front of him mor­ti­fies Liam as he spies the jew­ellery hang­ing around her neck. He re­alises he’s lost her when she an­grily ex­plains that she’s turned to his father be­cause of the hurt he and Hope have con­stantly caused her. Im­me­di­ately re­morse­ful, Liam has a re­quest for St­effy to which she may be un­able or un­will­ing to ac­cede. Giv­ing her time to con­sider his words, Liam tells Hope about what’s hap­pen­ing, while St­effy re­gales Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) with her power play with Bill.

The ex­pec­tant groom is dis­tracted with wed­ding plans, telling an up­set Wy­att that he’s in­tend­ing to marry St­effy

im­me­di­ately. Ap­palled at his father’s au­dac­ity for steal­ing the woman who’s been mar­ried to both of his sons, Wy­att warns that if the mar­riage hap­pens, Liam will no longer be his son. True to form, Bill couldn’t care less as he soon sum­mons St­effy to the man­sion and presents her with a fully equipped nurs­ery for Kelly and a spe­cial gift just for her, adding that he wants to tie the knot right away!

Blind­sided by the im­promptu nup­tial plans, St­effy is put un­der the spot­light when Bill in­sists that she con­sider her mis­giv­ings and make her choice right now. With­out wast­ing time, the would-be Mrs Spencer stuns ev­ery­one with an an­nounce­ment re­gard­ing her fu­ture and the man she wants…

Shock­waves soon echo through fash­ion’s first fam­ily too when St­effy re­veals more news about the fu­ture of For­rester Creations. Her rev­e­la­tions are life-chang­ing and as Liam joins her to hear about them he knows from his con­ver­sa­tion with Ridge that his ex-father-in-law is right. St­effy can’t marry Bill or she’ll

never be free of him...


St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) is rocked by Liam’s lat­est shenani­gans! THE BOLD AND THE BEAU­TI­FUL WEEKDAYS 4.30PM ON TEN


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