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Life has been any­thing but easy for Matt in the re­cent weeks. His dad Jim has just died, his brother Hugh has in­her­ited the fam­ily farm, and at a time when he feels the need to grieve, his dom­i­neer­ing father-in-law Car­l­ito comes to stay. Just what he needs!

The ar­rival of Char­lie’s (Nicole da Silva) dad Car­l­ito (Vince Colosimo) in up­com­ing episodes of Doc­tor Doc­tor is bad tim­ing for Matt (Ryan John­son), but it does bring to a head an emo­tional crisis he’s suf­fer­ing. It will also put his mar­riage to Char­lie to the test.

The sud­den loss of his dad (Steve Bis­ley) is prov­ing far tougher for Matt to deal with than he could’ve ever imag­ined. And his cur­rent strug­gles are not about to get any eas­ier when he’s deal­ing with Car­l­ito’s pres­ence in his home! For Matt, it’s just a con­stant re­minder of what he’s lost from his own fam­ily.

“Matt is so frus­trated as he feels he’s los­ing con­trol of

everything,” Ryan John­son ad­mits from the Doc­tor Doc­tor set. “He re­alises he doesn’t have a hold on the farm, and that’s some­thing he needs to come to terms with as Hugh has in­her­ited it.

“Now Car­l­ito’s around, and he’s not the eas­i­est man in the world, and there’s a lot for Char­lie and her dad to re­solve.

Matt just wants some space at the mo­ment, and more im­por­tantly, he wants some­thing to call his own. He wants to feel se­cure and know where he be­longs.”

In the midst of all this up­heaval, Matt de­cides what he wants – more than any­thing – is to be a dad him­self! Matt an­nounces to Char­lie he wants them to have a baby, and is sure if they have a child, it will be the perfect rem­edy to all that’s dis­tress­ing him right now.

Char­lie, how­ever, is less con­vinced and be­lieves they would be bet­ter off to wait a lit­tle while.

The more re­sis­tant Char­lie be­comes, how­ever, the more in­sis­tent Matt be­comes that this is ex­actly what their mar­riage needs to flour­ish.

“Matt is re­ally keen to have a kid, but Char­lie is more on the fence about it, and this is when a whole lot of ten­sion be­gins to brew be­tween them,” Ryan ex­plains.

“Matt is go­ing through this stage that he has not dealt with the grief over his dad, and he’s at log­ger­heads with his brother and his father-in-law, and so he de­cides the so­lu­tion to everything is to be­come a dad. And with that dif­fer­ence in in­ten­tions, a num­ber of prob­lems come to the sur­face. What this is all about is grief, and he’s do­ing it tough.”

A con­fronta­tion is in­evitable in this sce­nario, and al­though Char­lie prom­ises Matt that she’ll send her dad on his away as soon as pos­si­ble, Char­lie ac­tu­ally asks Car­l­ito to stay. How­ever hope­less Car­l­ito is, Char­lie feels she needs him around right now.

She knows her dad has been do­ing it tough over the re­cent years, and so she wants him to have a safe place to be. Which is all very well, but it doesn’t help Matt who needs his own room to mourn, too. But when he no­tices a grow­ing sense of un­ease be­tween his father-in-law and his mum Meryl (Tina Bur­sill), Matt sweeps in, be­liev­ing his mother needs pro­tec­tion. And then what was only a nig­gling, mi­nor is­sue is soon blown out of all pro­por­tion.

“There is some­thing brew­ing be­tween all of them,” Ryan adds. “The fam­ily has a lot more to get through be­fore they can move on this time.”

Car­l­ito (Vince Colosimo) gets a lit­tle daddy time with Char­lie (Nicole da Silva) Car­l­ito causes a scene with Meryl (Tina Bur­sill)


Matt and Hugh (Rodger Corser) shoot the breeze

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