Star cast sink teeth into Bite Club


De­tec­tive Con­sta­ble Dan Cooper

(Todd La­sance) Af­ter a ter­ri­fy­ing shark at­tack Dan swore he would never re­turn to the ocean, or the force, but his ra­zor-sharp in­tu­ition might just be the key that will un­lock the case.

Doc­tor Kristof Olsen

(Damian Wal­sheHowl­ing) Kristof’s love for Zoe has al­ways sus­tained her, but with the re­turn of Dan, he won­ders how strong their bond re­ally is.

De­tec­tive Se­nior Con­sta­ble Zoe Rawl­ings

(Ash Ri­cardo) Zoe’s years of put­ting on a brave face are scup­pered as soon as Dan walks through the door. Can she put her past to one side and use her bril­liant mind to find the killer?

Su­per­in­ten­dent Anna Mor­ton (Deb­o­rah Mail­man) Anna’s tough, no-non­sense and at the top of her game as the head of the Homi­cide Squad, but just how far will she go to see jus­tice done?

Kate Sum­mers (Pia Miller) Kate is Zoe’s clos­est friend and loyal ally who will do

any­thing to help her friend move on from the past. But Kate’s own demons could well get in her way.

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