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When peo­ple say “girlie tatts”, this isn’t usu­ally what they mean! Amanda has the word “minge” tat­tooed on her foot, which is Bri­tish slang for a woman’s bits and bobs! Sounds pretty cray-cray, tight? The star ex­plains it away by say­ing it was a term her co-star Colin Firth used on the set of

Mamma Mia! – and it al­ways cracked her up. “I have a dirty sense of hu­mour. I can be blunt and vul­gar,” she says. Rachel McDowall, an­other

Mamma Mia! co-star and a pal of the ex- All My Chil­dren and As the

World Turns ac­tress, loved the slang and sports the same tatt! Minge twins!

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