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FOOD: Mex­i­cana Dori­tos. MOVIE: Hook. If you didn’t watch it as a kid, you’ll never get it. TV SHOW: Nathan for You. There’s noth­ing else like it on TV. ACTOR: Glenn Close. She im­proves ev­ery­thing she’s in. BOOK: I, Par­tridge: We Need to Talk About Alan. Hi­lar­i­ous and bril­liant. SONG: “Teardrops” by Wo­mack and Wo­mack. Never fails to lift my spir­its. SINGER/BAND: Client Li­ai­son. Their mu­sic makes me feel like they know me. FASH­ION: There are some re­ally great $5 T-shirts at Kmart. BEAUTY/HAIR PRODUCT: Lucas’ Pa­paw Oint­ment. It’s the WD40 of skin­care. HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Bordeaux, France. Lived there for a year. Qual­ity tram sys­tem. WAY TO RELAX: Karaoke. My go-to song is “Step­pin’ Out” by Joe Jack­son. SUPERHERO: Bat­man. He’s cooler than I’ll ever be. CHILDHOOD MEM­ORY: Get­ting Goofy’s au­to­graph at Dis­ney­land when I was seven years old. I now re­alise it was just some guy in a cos­tume.

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