Sony’s sonic A1 OLED

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Sony’s A1, an­nounced at CES in Jan­uary, has gone on sale in Aus­tralia, priced at $7499 for the 65-inch and $4999 for the 55-inch. Any new UHD OLED is wel­come, but Sony’s has some­thing gen­uinely dif­fer­ent in its Acous­tic Sur­face tech­nol­ogy — in­stead of hav­ing con­ven­tional speak­ers wedged into its thin­ness or at­tached as a su­per­flu­ous sound­bar, in­stead the en­tire screen res­onates un­der ex­ci­ta­tion from a trans­ducer at the rear. This wouldn’t be pos­si­ble with an LCD screen, only with the front-emis­sive na­ture of OLED, and it has the ad­van­tage that the sound comes di­rectly from the pic­ture, rather than from speak­ers around or be­hind it. Mean­while Sony aims to max­imise OLED’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties with its 4K HDR Pro­ces­sor X1 Ex­treme in­cor­po­rat­ing ob­ject-based HDR re­mas­ter­ing, Su­per Bit Map­ping 4K HDR, and Dual data­base pro­cess­ing. Gosh. More info:

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