Adding the Sound+ sub­woofer to the MS750

Sound+Image - - SOUNDBARS - ▼ The sub­woofer’s front (left) and rear (right).

The Sound+ sub sig­nif­i­cantly raises the price here, of course, be­ing a $799 ad­di­tion, but it’s a high-qual­ity and well-fin­ished unit mea­sur­ing about 32cm per side, with a 10inch driver fir­ing to the rear from a sealed cab­i­net de­sign. The sub is wire­less but un­usu­ally you have to insert a wire­less don­gle into the bar for the two to com­mu­ni­cate, but this worked well enough. The re­sults were im­me­di­ately ob­vi­ous, drop­ping the sys­tem’s re­sponse by at least 10Hz (Sam­sung claims to 27Hz), so that movies re­gained that deeper con­tent, while mu­sic added both depth and mass. The Bon­ham kick drum which was pre­vi­ously tight was now also heavy; the Hughes bass guitar which had pre­vi­ously been full was now room-ex­cit­ingly pow­er­ful. How about the cross­over be­tween sub­woofer and bar, so of­ten a prob­lem? Pretty darned good — a small dip around 100Hz in­di­cated the meet­ing point, so that the bar takes over ear­lier than you might ex­pect, hold­ing things solid from 120Hz up. Given the sub’s rear-fac­ing driver, it’s worth ex­per­i­ment­ing to see how bass level and re­sponse vary with dis­tance to the wall, but by keep­ing rel­a­tively low there was less of a ‘pull’ to its po­si­tion than from ri­vals here, while the same dis­tor­tion-can­celling al­go­rithm has been ap­plied to pre­vent over­load­ing at vol­ume, though frankly, you have to go some to get there. We treated our­selves to the open­ing scenes of BabyDriver, its mu­si­cal con­tent given full head, the Blues-Broth­ery chase scene show­ing the qual­ity of de­tail steer­ing amid the im­pres­sive sound­field size. There was just noth­ing not to like. (Eighty min­utes later, still watch­ing BabyDriver…)

A fine sub with this great bar made a ter­rific com­bi­na­tion. And since it’s easy to power down the sub and restart the bar, you can choose to en­joy the bar alone for ca­sual view­ing, and kick in the ex­tra bass when crank­ing your movie or mu­sic of choice.

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