Cot­ton crops are thriv­ing as the South Bur­nett swel­ters through the hottest weather on record


KINGAROY res­i­dents have swel­tered through the hottest day since records be­gan in 1957 and the heat is not over yet.

While many crops wilted in the harsh sun, Peter Enkel­mann’s cot­ton is thriv­ing thanks to nat­u­ral heat re­sis­tance. He said yes­ter­day the crop still looked good. “It was wa­tered be­fore the week­end so it’s han­dled well,” he said.

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KINGAROY had its hottest day in 60 years on Sun­day, with tem­per­a­tures reach­ing 42 de­grees.

Bureau of Me­te­o­rol­ogy me­te­o­rol­o­gist Vi­nord Anand said tem­per­a­ture records for Kingaroy go back to 1957 and the last time the record was bro­ken was Jan­uary 2014 with 41 de­grees.

Mr Anand said be­fore Sun­day the hottest Fe­bru­ary day ever recorded in Kingaroy was 37.8 de­grees in 2004.

Tem­per­a­tures on the week­end were 13– 15 de­grees above av­er­age for Fe­bru­ary.

For the rest of the week, tem­per­a­tures will be back around the low 30s, with pos­si­ble show­ers to­day.

“It’s go­ing to heat up again on the week­end but not nearly as bad as last week­end,” he said.

This week­end tem­per­a­tures are pre­dicted to be 35 de­grees with a pos­si­ble thun­der­storm on Sun­day.

Gayn­dah also recorded its hottest day for Fe­bru­ary with 41.3 de­grees on Sun­day.

“It was at least 12 de­grees above the av­er­age in across the Bur­nett re­gion,” he said

Mr Anand said Kingaroy nor­mally ex­pe­ri­enced its hottest days of the year in Jan­uary.

“And in Kingaroy in the last cou­ple of days of 42 de­grees yes­ter­day and 38 de­grees on Satur­day stands as the hottest for any given month in Kingaroy.

For pro­duc­ers the hot dry weather has meant there is lit­tle feed around for cat­tle while some corn crops are strug­gling.

But the hot weather has been good for South Bur­nett cot­ton farm­ers and vine­yards in the mid­dle of vin­tage.

This week will be 5– 8 de­grees cooler be­cause of cloud cover and south- east­erly winds com­ing into the South Bur­nett this week.

A trough mov­ing north from New South Wales, as well as an in­land trough, may also cause show­ers to­day.

Kingaroy wasn’t the only town to record its hottest day with Gat­ton at 45.7 de­grees, Oakey at 42.8 de­grees and Toowoomba recorded a new high of 40.8 de­grees.

For more on what the hot and dry weather is do­ing to our crops, flick to Fence Post, from pages 9– 16.

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