Vealer steers reach 408c/kg, with heat in­creas­ing yard­ing num­bers

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The pre­vail­ing heat­wave con­di­tions re­duced the sup­ply of stock by 34%.

The over­all qual­ity con­tin­ues to be mixed and most classes sold to a cheaper trend.

A fair panel of buy­ers was present and most were op­er­at­ing.

Light weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the paddock av­er­aged 9c/kg less, how­ever light weight year­ling heifers to feed or back­grounders ex­pe­ri­enced very lit­tle change in price.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter lost 8c to 10c/kg.

Cows were also cheaper by 6c to 13c/kg, with the plain con­di­tion lines the least af­fected.

Steer calves re­turn­ing to the paddock made to 416.2c, with mixed sex calves av­er­ag­ing 379c/kg.

Vealer heifers made to 358.2c to av­er­age 350c/kg.

Light weight year­ling steers sold to re­stock­ers at an av­er­age of 359c, with sales to 382.2c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 343c and made to 366.2c, while the D mus­cle lines av­er­aged 315c/kg.

A large sam­ple of light weight year­ling heifers av­er­aged 337c and made to 354.2c/kg.

A hand­ful of medium weight year­ling heifers to trade av­er­aged just less than 320c and made to 321.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter mouthed milk and two tooth made to 299.2c, while the re­main­der of the four and six tooth classes av­er­aged in the high 280c/kg range.

Medium weight two score cows av­er­aged 223c and made to 225.2c/kg.

A few heavy three scores made to 230.2c to av­er­age 228c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 247.2c/kg.


A good qual­ity yard­ing of 2038 cat­tle at Sul­li­van Live­stock’s sale on Mon­day saw the mar­ket ease due to con­tin­u­ing hot and dry con­di­tions.

Cat­tle were drawn from Rosedale, Bund­aberg, Biggen­den, Ara­mara, Goomeri, Kilki­van, Woolooga, Ke­nil­worth, Maleny and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Drought­mas­ter-cross steers from R& S Gibbs, Widgee, sold for $3.33/kg ($1555).

Char­bray steers from Chris Goscomb, Im­bil, sold for $3.37/kg ($1520 and $1465). Their drought­mas­ter steers made $3.32/kg ($1455 and $1413), while their bran­gus steers sold for $3.26/kg ($1460 and $1418).

Qual­ity No. 6 char­bray steers from R& D Brooks, Cinnabar, sold for $3.39/kg ($1406 and $1356), while their drought­mas­ter broth­ers made $3.29/kg ($1412).

Linc and Tracey Davies, Mun­dub­bera, sent down a qual­ity line of charo­lais-cross and angus-cross steers No. 6s, sell­ing to a top of $3.44/kg ($1521).

Char­bray steers from David Gartshore, Lang­shaw, sold for $3.59/kg ($1210).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Biggen­den sold for $3.51/kg ($1000 and $1014) and $3.61/kg ($930 and $905).

Drought­mas­ter-cross weaner steers from the Glasby fam­ily sold for $3.67/kg ($1066).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Jackson Mcdon­ald made $3.48/kg to re­turn $1022 and $1016, while their lighters broth­ers sold for $3.51/kg ($944 & $928).

Char­bray steers from H4 Pas­toral Com­pany, Cooroy, made $3.81/kg ($831).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Graham McFar­lane, Bau­ple, sold for $3.87/kg ($844), while their char­brays made $3.71kg ($745).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Gary Tra­mac­chi, Lang­shaw, sold for $3.67/kg to re­turn $836.

Bran­gus steers from the La­herty fam­ily made $3.57/kg ($950).

Gen­er­ally, bet­ter qual­ity weiner steers sold from $3.40 to $3.71/kg.

Feeder heifers topped at $3.13/kg for red angus-cross heifers from Jackson Mcdon­ald, Thee­bine, to re­turn $1241.

Gen­er­ally, feeder heifers sold from $2.90 to $3.08/kg de­pend­ing on qual­ity and teeth.

Store year­ling heifers topped at $3.35/kg for char­bray heifers from the Baker fam­ily, Kia Ora, to re­turn $886.

The next run of heifers sold from $2.85 to $3.12/kg.

Good-con­di­tioned vealer heifers gen­er­ally sold from $2.95 to $3.15/kg, store types de­pend­ing on qual­ity sold from $2.90 to $3.29/kg.

Drought­mas­ter cows and calves from John and Joan Fal­coner, Widgee, sold for $1640.

Brah­man-cross cows and calves from the Hawkins fam­ily, Woolooga, made $1500.

Drought­mas­ter cows and calves from John Find­lay sold for $1375.

The next sale will be a meat­works and store sale on Mon­day, Fe­bru­ary 27.


Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew re­ported a yard­ing of 747 head of cat­tle at More­ton on Tues­day.

Qual­ity over­all was good and num­bers were buoyed by the hot, dry con­di­tions.

Val­ues tended to ease for all de­scrip­tions in line with mar­ket con­di­tions and other cen­tres.

G& K Wen­zel, Road­vale, sold euro-cross year­ling heifers for 329.2c, weigh­ing 213kg to re­turn $702.

J& R Rud­dock, Der­ry­more, sold limo-cross year­ling steers for 380c, weigh­ing 245kg to re­turn $931.

Har­ring­ton fam­ily, Heli­don, sold char­bray pas­ture heifers for 311.2c, weigh­ing 452kg to re­turn $1408.

K& D Bul­lock, Beaudesert, sold char­bray pas­ture steers for 325.2c, weigh­ing 392kg to re­turn $1276.

Drought­mas­ter pas­ture ox ac­count C Zah­now, Road­vale, sold for 298.2c, weigh­ing 626kg to re­turn $1866.

Feeder heifers ac­count B Neu­mann, Gat­ton, sold for 310.2c, weigh­ing 320kg to re­turn $992.

Char­bray feeder steers ac­count Shine Bros, Fern­vale, sold for 324.2c, weigh­ing 482kg to re­turn $1564.

Beech­mont Cat­tle Co sold drought­mas­ter feeder steers for 326.2c, weigh­ing 345kg to re­turn $1125.

Nin­bah Pas­toral Co, Beaudesert, sold bran­gus grain-as­sist heifers for 337.2c, weigh­ing 430kg to re­turn $1449.

P& F Eg­gle­ston, Too­goolawah, sold medium cows for 242.2c, weigh­ing 573kg to re­turn $1387.

Charo­lais cows ac­count B& A McLough­lin sold for 253.2c, weigh­ing 695kg to re­turn $1759.

J& K Brady, Green­bank, sold a here­ford bull for 269.2c, weigh­ing 710kg to re­turn $1911.


The re­cent on­set of ex­treme hot weather has re­stricted the move­ment of stock, with num­bers re­duc­ing sig­nif­i­cantly by 42%.

The over­all qual­ity of year­ling steers was be­low the stan­dard of the pre­vi­ous week.

A fair panel of buy­ers was in at­ten­dance, with sev­eral re­stock­ers look­ing on with in­ten­tion.

Prices re­duced by a fur­ther 10c to 12c/kg on the year­ling steers, how­ever a large part of this re­duc­tion was due to the qual­ity pre­sented.

De­spite the sea­sonal out­look, light weight year­ling heifers were in de­mand and re­gained some of the pre­vi­ous week’s losses.

A small sam­ple of heavy grown steers ex­pe­ri­enced very lit­tle change, how­ever all classes of cows con­tin­ued to lose ground by a fur­ther 9c to 20c/kg.

A small sam­ple of steer calves re­turned to the paddock at 401c, with some to 410c/kg.

Light weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the paddock made to 400c, with a large sam­ple av­er­ag­ing 373c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling steers to feed made to 360c, to av­er­age 348c/kg.

Heavy weight year­ling steers more than 400kg to feed made to 342.2c, with most in the low 330c/kg range.

Light weight year­ling heifers to re­stock­ers made to 352c, with a large sam­ple av­er­ag­ing 341c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed av­er­aged 315c and made to 333c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter made to 302c, to av­er­age 301c/kg.

Medium weight two score cows av­er­aged 206c and made to 220c/kg.

Good heavy cows made to the very oc­ca­sional 248c, with most close to 239c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 261c/kg.


Num­bers were down by a lit­tle more than 400 for a yard­ing of 1267 head. Young cat­tle were well supplied, while there was a fair pen­ning of grown cat­tle.

The yard­ing of young cat­tle con­sisted of a large num­ber of light year­lings and veal­ers.

Qual­ity of the young cat­tle was mixed, with sev­eral pens of well-bred cat­tle suit­able for feed­ers and re­stock­ers, and there was only an odd pen of year­lings that went to trade.

The mar­ket was gen­er­ally cheaper, with re­stocker vealer steers sell­ing to a top of 408c/kg.

Re­stocker vealer steers went against the mar­ket trend to be 10c dearer, sell­ing to a top of 370c/kg.

Medium weight feeder steers were firm to 4c cheaper, sell­ing to 344c and av­er­ag­ing 334c, while those to re­stock­ers sold to 372c/kg.

Feeder and re­stocker year­ling heifers were up to 20c cheaper to av­er­age 302c/kg.

The few trade year­ling heifers sold to a top of 345c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle con­sisted of a few less-grown steers and heifers, while cows were in fair num­bers, with qual­ity mixed in a cheaper mar­ket.

The younger grown steers were less af­fected to be down by 10c sell­ing to 317c, how­ever heavy bul­locks lost 20c to av­er­age 279c/kg.

Grown heifers sold to a top of 278c/kg.

The cow mar­ket was down 5c to 10c, with three score medium weights (less than 520kg) av­er­ag­ing 227c and heavy cows sell­ing to a top of 244c/kg.


CQLX agents penned an in­creased yard­ing, with 450 head ex­tra in a to­tal of 3600 head.

As ex­pected there was a mixed of­fer­ing, how­ever there were a lot of good qual­ity cat­tle on of­fer but this could not pre­vent a cor­rec­tion in prices from last week.

The cat­tle were drawn from the lo­cal ar­eas mostly, but also Nebo and Mackay in the north to Theodore in the south.

It is ob­vi­ous from the con­di­tion of some lines that rain­fall had been very patchy of late.

There was a full field of buy­ers present but com­pe­ti­tion was lim­ited to those with feed­lot space or suit­able pas­ture pad­docks to go to.

The best calves made to 403c and av­er­aged 371c/kg.

There was an oc­ca­sional sale as high as 401c in the vealer steers, but av­er­ages set­tled in the 340c to 358c/kg range for most.

The ma­jor runs of vealer heifers av­er­aged from 307c to 312c/kg.

Most of the year­ling steers av­er­aged 320c to 331c/kg to feed­lots.

Year­ling heifers again mostly sold to feed and re­turned av­er­ages be­tween 290c and 316c/kg.

Grown steers went to feed at 310c to 320c, with a few four scores go­ing to pro­ces­sors for an av­er­age of 276c/kg.

Heavy cows had a re­duced av­er­age of 237c, while heavy bulls went to pro­ces­sors at a 220.3c/kg av­er­age.

An av­er­age qual­ity line-up of cows and calves made from $1220 to $1550/unit.

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