Mur­gon’s ru­ral beauty

So much Mur­gon his­tory in 113 years


CASTRA Re­tire­ment Home Mur­gon has a huge ve­ran­dah and a panoramic view from there of Boat Moun­tain and its kin­dred moun­tains.

The agri­cul­tural arena is a sam­ple of South Bur­nett farm land and its ca­pac­ity.

Mur­gon had its be­gin­ning in 1904 when a steam train puffed into the town and Martha An­gel was on the verge of open­ing her shop­ping ven­ture.

In year 2017 much has hap­pened in the 113 years.

Mur­gon’s rich his­tory

JOHN Krebs was an en­ter­pris­ing Mayor or Shire Chairman of Mur­gon Shire Coun­cil in the war years and dur­ing the years of Mur­gon Shire au­ton­omy.

Wa­ter ma­tric­u­la­tion was a ma­jor project and with it sew­er­age im­ple­men­ta­tion.

Mur­gon Shire rev­elled in its in­de­pen­dence after the first train puffed into the first years of the South Bur­nett town.

Con­trac­tor John Krebs was also an un­der­taker, but his de­vel­op­ment thoughts were far from the dead.

Fraser Is­land a great lo­ca­tion

FRASER Is­land is an ever in­creas­ing hol­i­day lo­ca­tion. David and Kay Oliver are cur­rently spend­ing a fort­night on Fraser Is­land with their fam­ily and the chil­dren love it.

Their res­i­dence on the Is­land was es­tab­lished by Lloyd Smyth of Mur­gon in a pi­o­neer fash­ion and im­me­di­ate pop­u­lar­ity.

The spa­cious beach and the per­pet­u­at­ing surf is a mag­nif­i­cent play­ground for the chil­dren.

The spa­cious beach is also the is­land high­way and ac­cess is a nat­u­ral process.

The Pa­cific Ocean is a mag­nif­i­cent play­ground.

Mur­gon Mu­sic Muster on soon

THE Ro­tary Mu­sic Muster is at­tract­ing in­ter­est all over east­ern Aus­tralia and plac­ing Mur­gon on the Mu­sic Map.

Mu­sic and Mur­gon be­come syn­ony­mous in year end par­tic­u­larly in east­ern Aus­tralia.

The tar­get this year is 200 cars in the Mur­gon Show­grounds.

“M” for Mur­gon, “M” for Mu­sic and “M” for Muster is a triple theme of mem­o­rable sig­nif­i­cance.

It’s been said mu­sic makes the world go round and in dis­tri­bu­tion in 2017 it will be more gone at Mur­gon.


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