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BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale at Biggen­den on Mon­day, Novem­ber 5, had cows crack $1639. Cat­tle sold to a firm mar­ket with any price re­duc­tions from last sale be­ing qual­ity re­lated. The yard­ing of 1645 head were drawn from Yaamba, Ba­nana, Theodore, Monto, Eidsvold, Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mur­gon, Crown­thorpe, Her­vey Bay, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, and lo­cal ar­eas. Brah­man-cross bul­locks from Maryborough sold for 292c/$1585. Cross­bred bul­locks from Coal­stoun Lakes sold for 281c/$1321. Char­bray bul­locks from Biggen­den sold for 290c/$1465. Char­bray cows from Biggen­den sold for 265c/$1551. Char­bray cows from Gayn­dah sold for 265c/$1604. Santa gertrudis- cross cows from Mur­gon sold for 261c/$1387. Char­bray cows from Biggen­den sold for 251c/$1155. Brah­man-cross cows from Monto sold for 249c/$1171. Brah­man cows from Theodore sold for 258c/$1639. Brah­man- cross cows from Her­vey Bay sold for 261c/$1337. Four-tooth drought­mas­ter heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 277c/$1205. Two tooth brah­man heifers from Childers sold for 285c/$1140. Six tooth char­bray heifers from Gin Gin sold for 274c/$1371. Brah­man heifers from Theodore with two to six teeth sold for 281c/$1401. Milk and two-tooth drought­mas­ter steers from Her­vey Bay sold for 310c/$1336. Drought­mas­ter two tooth steers from Maryborough sold for 300c/$1342. Milk and two tooth steers from Coal­stoun Lakes sold for 296c/$1229. Milk and two tooth char­bray steers from Ban Ban Springs sold for 294c/$1062. Milk tooth bran­gus steers from Her­vey Bay sold for 298c/$1267. Milk tooth brah­man steers from Yaamba sold for 290c/$1080. Milk tooth drought­mas­ter steers from Bund­aberg sold for 308c/$1114. Milk tooth sim­men­tal-cross steers from Theodore sold for

323c/$977. Char­bray milk tooth steers from Crown­thorpe sold for 303c/$1070. Santa gertrudis weaner steers from Mount Perry sold for 329c/$871. Sim­brah weaner steers from Mur­gon sold for 327c/$633. Sim­men­tal-cross weaner steers from Gin Gin sold for 290c/$596. An­gus-cross weaner steers from Pros­ton sold for 327c/$759. Bran­gus weaner steers from Wallav­ille sold for 319c/$788. Bran­gus weaner steers from Ba­nana sold for 327c/$768. Drought­mas­ter weaner steers from Gayn­dah sold for 309c/$649. Char­bray milk tooth heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 286c/$1033. Drought­mas­ter milk tooth heifers from Monto sold for 272c/$790. Ro­mag­nola-cross milk tooth heifers from Gayn­dah sold for 282c/$1042. Milk tooth braford heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 280c/$884. Char­bray weaner heifers from Biggen­den sold for 271c/$743. Cross­bred weaner heifers from Her­vey Bay sold to 266c/$736. Char­bray weaner heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 264c/$635. Santa gertrudis weaner heifers

from Mount Perry sold for 270c/$655. Next Biggen­den meat­works and store sale is Mon­day, Novem­ber 19. MUR­GON A TO­TAL of 980 was yarded in Mur­gon on Tues­day, Novem­ber 6. Ex­port cat­tle and feeder types re­mained fully firm on the pre­vi­ous mar­ket with younger weaner steers and heifers slightly eas­ier. Cat­tle were con­signed from Mun­dub­bera, Coringa, Biggen­den, Gayn­dah, Kin­garoy and Nanango. Heavy bulls sold to $2.74c/kg and $2420. Bul­locks topped at $3.11c/kg for $2050. The cow mar­ket was fully firm with 500kg-plus an­i­mals sell­ing to $2.59c/kg and $1650. Cows 400-500kg sold to $2.35c/kg, av­er­ag­ing $2.25c/kg. Cows less than 400kg sold to $2.20c/kg. Ex­port heifers sold to $2.90c/kg and $1430. Drought­mas­ter steers 440kg from Redgate sold to $3.10c/kg for $1360. Drought­mas­ter-cross steers from Nanango weigh­ing 340kg sold to $988 at $2.90c/kg. Brah­man-cross steers 387kg from Mur­gon sold for $2.87c/kg to re­turn $1110. Drought­mas­ter-cross steers from Tansey with a weight of 395kg sold to $1140 at $2.89c/kg. Two pens of santa weaner steers from Gayn­dah sold for $3.07c/kg for $725 and $747 at $2.89c/kg. Char­bray weaner steers from Tansey sold to $2.90c/kg for $716. Two pens of santa steers from Coringa sold for $2.90c/kg to re­turn $734 and $631 re­spec­tively. Three pens of drought­mas­ter-cross steers from John­stown sold for $2.85c/kg to av­er­age $755, the draft av­er­ag­ing 264kg. Light weaner steers topped at $2.80c/kg and $560. Drought­mas­ter heifers 385kg from Merl­wood sold to $1070 at $2.78c/kg. Santa heifers weigh­ing 326kg from Gayn­dah also sold to $2.78c/kg for $908. Drought­mas­ter heifers 340kg sold to $932 at $2.73c/kg.

Char­bray weaner heifers 306kg from Wooroon­den sold for $2.67c/kg to re­turn $820. Sim­men­tal-cross weaner heifers from Manyung sold for $808 at $2.74c/kg. Santa weaner heifers from Par­adise Dam sold for $700 at $2.68c/kg. A big per­cent­age of the weaner heifers sold in the $2.40c/kg to $2.60c/kg bracket. The next Mur­gon sale is on Novem­ber 20, at 8am.

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