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The Hit­man’s Body­guard Rated: MA15+ Re­view: Ash­wini Saseedaran Rat­ing: 7/10

WHO is more evil? He who kills evil peo­ple or he who pro­tects them? The Hit­man’s Body­guard leaves this ques­tion unan­swered through its wildly funny and thrilling 24-hour ad­ven­ture be­tween a play-by-the-rules pro­tec­tion agent Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and con­victed ma­nip­u­la­tive as­sas­sin Dar­ius Kin­caid (Sa­muel L. Jack­son).

Re­quired by In­ter­pol to tes­tify against the blood­thirsty dic­ta­tor of Be­larus, Dar­ius’ con­voy to The Hague is am­bushed and soon Bryce is hired to safe­guard the con­vict’s jour­ney to the trial.

De­spite their on­go­ing ar­gu­ment of whose moral com­pass is closer north, the mis­matched duo are hi­lar­i­ous in their re­spec­tive ap­proaches to mur­der and hav­ing to keep the other alive.

The on-screen chem­istry and ridicu­lous ban­ter be­tween Jack­son and Reynolds earns hearty laughs, es­pe­cially from Jack­son’s fa­mil­iar cackle, com­i­cal ex­pres­sions and well-known phrases.

Thrilling high-speed car and boat chases through­out ex­otic Euro­pean lo­ca­tions de­mands at­ten­tion with its jumble of ob­sta­cles and head-turn­ing ac­tion se­quences.

In fol­low­ing the foot­steps of Rush Hour and Bad Boys, Hol­ly­wood adds an­other buckle of di­verse buddy roles to its belt of ac­tion come­dies.

The heavy pre­dictabil­ity of such comedic, mis­sion-ori­ented films, how­ever, leaves no room for sur­prises and the ex­pected is what hap­pens.

In say­ing that, the flick un­ex­pect­edly in­tro­duces re­li­gious mo­tifs along­side ruth­less mur­der and vi­o­lence, some­thing sto­ries of this na­ture tend to leave out.

A hitch-hike ride with a bus full of nuns has the as­sas­sin and body­guard sur­pris­ingly singing along to gospel tunes, an­other reminder that al­though some may sin, they sin for the greater good.

Some slow scenes and dis­ap­point­ing fe­male leads (ku­dos to her ef­fort but Salma Hayek as any­thing but a Latina fash­ion­ista just does not work) al­most had the film shelved.

But in the end, Jack­son’s devil-may-care na­ture cou­pled with Reynolds’ at­ti­tude of­fered enough charisma to res­cue it­self from just an­other buddy flick.

Sa­muel L. Jack­son and Ryan Reynolds star to­gether and op­po­site each other in the funny and thrilling The Hit­man’s Body­guard.

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