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Prob­lem drink­ing, air­craft noise and burqini fea­tured on­line last week. It’s time Bel­mont coun­cil earned the high salaries and stopped waf­fling. Why is it we need to have all th­ese use­less, ex­pen­sive sur­veys and very lit­tle ac­tion when the ob­vi­ous is star­ing peo­ple in the face? As far as Bel­mont is con­cerned, there is a choice: close all the bot­tle shops, par­tic­u­larly in shop­ping cen­tres, or re­strict their business trad­ing hours. I am sick of hear­ing the drunken, crude be­hav­iour at the bus stops and in the park op­po­site Coun­cil Cham­bers. The el­derly are jus­ti­fi­ably scared to go for a bus as they are of­ten abused. - David This man was or is a FIFO worker, so he would have been con­tribut­ing to the noise he is com­plain­ing about. I have lived in Towie Street for nearly 20 years and while plane traf­fic has in­creased over the years, dur­ing the week I don't hear the first plane un­til about 5.15am. Yes, some­times the win­dows rat­tle but I have never had one crack from the planes or rat­tle the roof tiles so that I no­tice. - Vicky You buy a house near an air­port and then com­plain about the noise? My home is op­po­site bush­land. Per­haps I should be de­mand­ing coun­cil clean-up bird poo on my paved area. - Muzza What­ever hap­pened to the days when you had to pass through a foot wash and wear only a swimming cos­tume in the pool. Now you can jump in the wa­ter fully clothed with any in­fec­tions you may have. - David

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