Meerkat stays mum on who’s fa­ther

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PERTH Zoo has some tiny new ad­di­tions to the meerkat fam­ily.

Zookeep­ers dis­cov­ered four meerkat kits cud­dling with their mum Tilly on Novem­ber 13.

Tilly, who had al­ready reared four suc­cess­ful lit­ters, has be­come an ex­pe­ri­enced mother.

Meerkat keeper Leonie Cu­sack said the fa­ther was un­known at this stage.

“Nor­mally al­pha fe­males will pair bond with one in­di­vid­ual, but Tilly is a mod­ern woman and has four boyfriends, although Taabu and Faraji, two of the adult males are nor­mally the favoured two,” she said.

The four adult males are fiercely pro­tec­tive of the kits and of­ten hide them away for safe­keep­ing.

If you plan to visit the new­borns at the zoo’s African Savannah, Ms Cu­sack ad­vised vis­i­tors to bring a keen set of eyes as there could be a bit of hide and seek.

At six weeks, the kits will un­dergo their first vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion.

Pic­tures: Martin Ken­nealey

Tilly the meerkat look­ing out for one of her young at Perth Zoo.

Busy mum Tilly on the move with one of her new kits.

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