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GREEN ba­nanas and cof­fee laden with but­ter are some of the foods pre­dicted to reach fad sta­tus in 2015. While they may not sound par­tic­u­larly ap­petis­ing, the hip and health con­scious are al­ready blog­ging and tweet­ing about the benefits of foods such as ba­nana flour, bone broth and Bul­let­proof cof­fee. Find out be­low what you could be count­ing among your favourite foods by the end of the year.


MADE from green ba­nanas, this nat­u­rally gluten-free flour can be used as a re­place­ment for wheat flour.

There is no ba­nana flavour and it is rich in re­sis­tant starch, which can help main­tain in­testi­nal health, could im­prove in­sulin sen­si­tiv­ity and help you stay fuller for longer.

It is sug­gested to use ¾ cup of ba­nana flour for ev­ery cup of nor­mal flour and can be used in muffins, bread, cakes, pancakes or as a fi­brerich ad­di­tive in smooth­ies.


IN­VENTED by en­tre­pre­neur and health blog­ger Dave Asprey, Bul­let­proof Cof­fee is a cup of black cof­fee with grass-fed but­ter and medium-chain triglyc­erides (MCT) oil mixed in.

While this may not sound healthy, Asprey said it was de­signed to “su­per­charge your brain func­tion and cre­ate ef­fort­less fat loss with no crav­ings.”

It has gath­ered a fol­low­ing of peo­ple who swear by this as their new daily brew, es­pe­cially lovers of the pa­leo diet, with the MCT oil com­monly re­placed by co­conut oil.

A com­mon recipe calls for a strong black cof­fee made from one cup of fil­tered wa­ter and 2½ ta­ble­spoons of high qual­ity, freshly ground cof­fee beans.

Add 1 ta­ble­spoon of MCT or co­conut oil and 1 ta­ble­spoon of grass-fed un­salted (im­por­tant) but­ter and blend for 20-30 sec­onds un­til its frothy.


STOCK or broth as we know it, bone broth has be­come so popular that a cafe, Brodo, has opened in New York City, of­fer­ing take­away broth de­signed to be sipped like your morn­ing cof­fee.

Most peo­ple know mak­ing your own stock is healthy but ap­par­ently the dif­fer­ence with bone broth is that it is sim­mered for a min­i­mum of 24 hours and as long as 72 hours.

This al­lows the bones to break down and leach their nu­tri­ents and min­er­als into the broth.

To make, you sim­ply need an­i­mal bones, such as beef, chicken or fish, veg­eta­bles like car­rot, cel­ery and onions, herbs (you could use pars­ley, thyme, rose­mary or what­ever you have) and wa­ter.

Some recipes sug­gest adding ¼ cup ap­ple cider vine­gar or a pinch of salt once fin­ished.

Bring in­gre­di­ents to a boil then re­duce heat and sim­mer.

Have it as a soup or use as a base in sauces or stews.

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