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HOME SE­CU­RITY En­sure your house num­ber is clearly vis­i­ble. Never tell any­one that you are at home alone, such as tradies or de­liv­ery peo­ple. In­stall se­cu­rity screens and grilles. Fit dead­locks and key locks to doors and win­dows. US­ING PUBLIC TRANS­PORT Travel with a friend. Wait for trans­port in a well-lit area close to other com­muters. Keep a cur­rent timetable to min­imise time spent wait­ing. US­ING YOUR TELE­PHONE Al­ways hang up on un­wel­come call­ers. Never give your name or ad­dress to un­known tele­phone call­ers. In­vest in an an­swer­ing ma­chine. SAFER SHOP­PING Shop with friends when­ever pos­si­ble. If you carry a purse or bag, hold it close to your body, tucked un­der your arm. Al­ways have a firm hold of your hand­bag or purse; don't leave it on shop coun­ters or on the seat be­side you on the bus or train.

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