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Bev McGhie says her latest ven­ture is send­ing her broke, but she will never stop giv­ing to her com­mu­nity.

BEV McGhie’s ac­tions may be send­ing her broke, but it is not go­ing to stop the 53-year-old giv­ing back to her com­mu­nity.

The East Vic­to­ria Park Thank God It’s Fri­day (TGIF) mar­ket man­ager is well-known for her gen­eros­ity, sense of hu­mour and love of giv­ing to oth­ers.

Mrs McGhie re­cently started Pay It For­ward – a scheme in which visi­tors to the mar­ket can pay for a meal, re­ceive a voucher and put it in the voucher box. The voucher will then be used to pro­vide a meal to some­one who is less for­tu­nate.

She said she came up with the idea be­cause she found there were peo­ple get­ting “mingy” with their money

“We could see that some­thing was go­ing on at the mar­ket and peo­ple were strug­gling,” she said.

“At the end of the night, I started send­ing leftover food home with peo­ple, no ques­tions asked.”

The pro­gram kicked off last month and peo­ple have em­braced the ini­tia­tive.

“I de­cided to ap­proach the Chris­tian Cen­tre for So­cial Ac­tion, who look af­ter the home­less in Vic­to­ria Park,” she said.

“Then I ap­proached Kris Hal­l­i­day from the Sal­va­tion Army, from Open Doors pro­gram, and they deal with the home­less and run a soup kitchen.

“I hand about five to 10 vouch­ers a week to Kris from the Sal­va­tion Army to help the home­less.

“The peo­ple who re­ceive the vouch­ers get very em­bar­rassed, so we open a bit early so they can come in and get their meal and be on their way.”

Mrs McGhie has lit­tle tol­er­ance for greed and in­jus­tice.

She said she had vis­ited other mar­kets and could not be­lieve they were not in­volved in a pay it for­ward scheme.

Many reg­u­lars at the mar­kets have sug­gested Mrs McGhie should be nom­i­nated for an award for her ef­forts and are sur­prised by her re­sponse.

“I tell peo­ple if they put my name in for an award I will never speak to them again, I just do my job and go home to go to sleep,” she said.

The TGIF Hawk­ers Mar­ket is open from 5pm un­til 9pm ev­ery Fri­day at 852 Albany High­way, East Vic­to­ria Park be­tween the TenTen Kitchen and the IGA.

Pic­ture: Will Rus­sell d440411

Bev McGhie, in East Vic­to­ria Park, with some Pay It For­ward vouch­ers.

Bev McGhie with the Sal­va­tion Army’s case man­ager Christina Wal­lis and Street Out­reach Ser­vice Man­ager Lieu­tenant Kris Hal­l­i­day.

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