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Southern Gazette (South Perth) - - Front Page - Belinda Cipriano

IN a stun­ning ma­genta gown, track­side at As­cot, jockey Lucy War­wick shines bright.

It’s a big change for the down-toearth Har­vey girl, who feels more com­fort­able in her rac­ing silks than in a de­signer get-up, but still she takes to the photo shoot with ease.

The 18-year-old, whose love for horses be­gan early in life, is fol­low­ing in her fam­ily’s foot­steps and tak­ing it all in her stride.

Dur­ing the race that stopped the na­tion, when Michelle Payne be­come the first fe­male jockey to take out the Mel­bourne Cup, War­wick was beat­ing the boys at their own game too, tak­ing out two races at As­cot on the same day.

She took up the sport pro­fes­sion­ally about two years ago and has clocked up 196 wins, is a Perth Rac­ing am­bas­sador and the face of the Kingston Town Clas­sic and could not imag­ine do­ing any­thing else.

War­wick said she came from a rac­ing fam­ily.

“My whole fam­ily have been in rac­ing their en­tire life,” she said.

“Both my gran­dad and his dad trained trot­ters.

“My dad was also a lead­ing har­ness driver and trainer and won many races.

“My mum was a world-class show jumper at one stage and mum and dad now train race­horses.

“I really had no choice but to grow up in rac­ing.”

And with Michelle Payne hype at fever pitch, War­wick said she could not be hap­pier for the 30-year-old who won this year’s Mel­bourne Cup, the first woman to ever do so.

She added that she had never en­coun­tered sex­ism in the sport and that it was good to see many girls tak­ing up the sport th­ese days.

“I’ve been pretty lucky through my ca­reer, I’ve never had any sex­ist com­ments,” she said.

“I’ve also never lost a ride due to me be­ing a girl but I’ve only been rid­ing for two years.

“Michelle’s come from a dif­fer­ent era and she has done it hard, she’s gone through all of that and she has made her mark.

“It’s great to see her suc­ceed­ing and fi­nally live out her dream.”

War­wick also had this ad­vice for young girls look­ing to take up the sport.

“Just go for it,” she said, adding that if girls wanted to com­pete against the boys in what is of­ten thought of as a male-dom­i­nated sport they needed to be ‘one of the boys.’

“It is sort of in­tim­i­dat­ing when you start out, but if you want to be a jockey and you want to do it, you’ve just got to go hard for it.”

Pic­ture: An­drew Ritchie

Jockey Lucy War­wick with Koi Mac at As­cot. d446295c

Pic­ture: An­drew Ritchie

Rac­ing in her blood: Jockey Lucy War­wick.


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