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THE South Perth Penin­sula Ac­tion Group has spo­ken out against the town plan­ning scheme and is call­ing on res­i­dents to sup­port Amend­ment 46’s de­vel­op­ment height re­stric­tions.

THE South Perth Penin­sula Ac­tion Group has lashed out at for­mer mayor James Best’s com­ments on Amend­ment 46, ac­cus­ing him of hav­ing “sour grapes”.

Spokes­woman Ms Red­den said de­spite what Mr Best claimed, the group – com­pris­ing South Perth res­i­dents and prop­erty own­ers – was not con­cerned about a loss of views.

Amend­ment 46 pro­poses to im­pose height re­stric­tions on new build­ings and re­move 16 per cent of de­vel­opable land from the Mill Point Penin­sula.

“Vir­tu­ally none of us has a view that’s go­ing to be im­peded by all the de­vel­op­ments, it's never been about views,” Ms Red­den said.

She said many mem­bers lived in an eight-storey apart­ment build­ing on Mill Point Road and their main con­cern was the lack of height re­stric­tions in Amend­ment 25 – a change to the Town Plan­ning Scheme that had pro­posed to re­move all height re­stric­tions on new de­vel­op­ments – and the large pop­u­la­tion growth that could fol­low.

“I’ve got ev­ery piece of lit­er­a­ture that was re­leased about this and not once does it men­tion that any de­vel­op­ments would be around 40 storeys high – there was no warn­ing,” Ms Red­den said.

“There’s noth­ing wrong with hav­ing some revitalisation, but we don’t need sky­scrapers, it’s just go­ing to cause pop­u­la­tion prob­lems.

“We protested at the time and James Best told us all Mill Point Road was go­ing to be taken out, but it didn’t hap­pen,” she said.

“All of this de­vel­op­ment was based around the pro­posed train sta­tion, but re­search says peo­ple will only walk about 800 me­tres to a sta­tion.

“We’ve said from day one that it shouldn’t have in­cluded Mill Point Road be­cause the area is too far away.”

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Do­herty said the coun­cil and com­mu­nity was con­cerned about sub­stan­tial change to the char­ac­ter of the South Perth Sta­tion Precinct un­der Amend­ment 25 by the ap­proval of large high-rise de­vel­op­ments.

“The coun­cil is now seek­ing com­mu­nity views on the changes in this se­cond ver­sion of Amend­ment 46, which seeks to limit the heights and scale of de­vel­op­ment and aims to ad­dress un­cer­tainty in the com­mu­nity,” she said.

Ac­tion group spokes­woman Vicki Red­den.

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