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The sen­sors are an in­frared ve­hi­cle sen­sor in­stalled in the ground in park­ing bays. When a ve­hi­cle drives over a sen­sor, it de­tects when the ve­hi­cle ar­rives and can de­ter­mine any over­stay of the park­ing re­stric­tions. Es­sen­tially, the sen­sors pro­vide pre­cise ar­rival and de­par­ture times of ve­hi­cles. These sen­sors trans­mit in­for­ma­tion wire­lessly via an in­ter­nal an­tenna which sends data di­rectly to City of South Perth rangers when a ve­hi­cle has over­stayed the al­lowed time, prompt­ing them to visit the lo­ca­tion to ver­ify ve­hi­cles and is­sue no­tices as re­quired. The sen­sors can also be con­fig­ured to pro­vide real-time in­for­ma­tion on the avail­abil­ity of bays.

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