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Sir, I am one of the ex­ist­ing seven di­rec­tors on the board of Mur­ray Ir­ri­ga­tion and am not ac­tu­ally up for re-elec­tion this cy­cle.

There is presently a let­ter be­ing cir­cu­lated pur­port­edly from the board specif­i­cally en­dors­ing some board mem­bers for re­elec­tion and not oth­ers.

With­out breach­ing any spe­cific con­fi­den­tial­ity of board pro­ce­dure I want it known that I was not present at the meet­ing where this de­ci­sion was made and ap­par­ently sup­ported by the ma­jor­ity of board mem­bers — an­other three of whom are ob­vi­ously con­flicted, as they are up for re-elec­tion.

I want it known that I am not at all in sup­port of this state­ment, and do not sup­port what I be­lieve to be a flawed process, or in my opin­ion a breach of con­fi­den­tial­ity and unity of a board of man­age­ment.

Fur­ther­more, be­cause of this un­ac­cept­able at­tempt to dis­tort the demo­cratic elec­tion process, I am happy to pub­licly throw my full sup­port be­hind the re­elec­tion of James Sides and the two new can­di­dates, Waan­der van Beek and Phil Snow­den, all ca­pa­ble busi­ness­men in their own right with a wealth of ex­pe­ri­ence, who are se­ri­ous about mak­ing a change to re­duce costs and will stop giv­ing away com­pany wa­ter. These guys can buy their own lunch and speak their own mind.

It is bla­tantly ob­vi­ous we need new blood on this board to be the ma­jor­ity over the ex­ist­ing mem­bers so we can form a pos­i­tive pol­icy go­ing for­ward. A pol­icy to deal with the MDBA plan, that suits all grow­ers in the MIL area, not sec­tions, and a pol­icy to deal with the 450 gigs and not just roll over and ac­cept what­ever politi­cians want to do for their rel­e­vant state or party.

We need co-op­er­a­tive open minded di­rec­tors who can and will unite all of the com­mu­ni­ties in the MIL for the long term ben­e­fit of all.

Vote 1, 2 and 3 — van Beek, Snow­den and Sides in any or­der — if you want to make a change at Mur­ray Ir­ri­ga­tion. Your call.

Yours etc. Chris Brooks Ba­rooga Park

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