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Southern Riverina news - - 2018 BERRIGAN SHOW RESULTS -

Farm & Dairy Pro­duce

Waratah Hold­ing Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor in Sec­tion A – Na­ma­rang Nom­i­nees.

Daw­mac Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor in Sec­tion B – Shady Park Ag Pty Ltd.

RJ Sul­li­van Memo­rial Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor in Open Sec­tion of Sec­tion C – Peter & Jan Hill, and Vic­to­ria Kennedy.

Mrs A Sch­we­icker Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ju­nior Ex­hibitor Sec­tion C – Olive Leary.

5kg Hard Wheat – P & E Fin­layson; 5kg Oats – Wal­liss Farm­ing; 5kg Malt­ing Bar­ley – Na­ma­rang Nom­i­nees; 5kg Canola – Shady Park Ag Pty Ltd; 5kg Maize – Na­ma­rang Nom­i­nees; 5kg Paddy Rice – Shady Park Ag Pty Ltd; 5kg Lupins – P & E Fin­layson; 5kg Field Peas – Wal­liss Farm­ing; 5kg Faba Beans – GJ Arnold & Sons; 5kg Du­rum Wheat – Na­ma­rang Nom­i­nees; Best Clump Wheat – Rowan Horne; Best Clump Oats – Shady Park Ag Pty Ltd; Three Car­rots – Heather Frost; Six pods of peas – Peter & Jan Hill; Three Beet­roots – Peter & Jan Hill; Stalk of Sil­ver Beet – Peter & Jan Hill; Three Oranges – Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Three Le­mons – El­iz­a­beth Austin; Three Mandarins – Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Three Grape­fruit – Del Sch­we­icker; Twelve Hen Eggs – Sharnee Hor­ton; Plate of Fruit, 4 pieces (one of ach va­ri­ety) – Vic­to­ria Kennedy.

Ju­nior Sec­tion (16 years & un­der): Three Oranges – Ruby Hyde; Three Grape­fruit – Olive Leary; Twelve Hen Eggs – Mi­ley Driscoll.


A Ack­erly Tro­phy for Spe­cial Pound Cake – Lyn­dall Horne.

IGA Ev­ery­day Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor in Se­nior Cook­ing – Heather Frost.

EJ Lee Memo­rial Tro­phy for Rich Fruit Cake – Heather Frost.

Lyn­dall Horne Tro­phy for Ex­hibitor with Most En­tries (Se­nior Cook­ing) – Vic­to­ria Kennedy.

J Cold­well Tro­phy for Best VASL Car­rot Cake – Vic­to­ria Kennedy.

J Cold­well Tro­phy for Best ASC/VASL Rich Fruit Cake – Heather Frost.

Best Sponge - Mar­ion Dick­ins; Six Scones - Lewis Leary; Choco­late Cake - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Car­rot Cake - Carol Kennedy; Ba­nana Cake - Lyn­dall Horne; Tea Cake - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Date Loaf - Mar­ion Dick­ins; Boiled Fruit Cake - Mar­ion Dick­ins; Spe­cial Pound Cake - Lyn­dall Horne; ASC/VASL Rich Fruit Cake - Heather Frost; Hand­made Loaf of Bread - Heather Frost; Bread­maker Loaf of Bread - Heather Frost; Pavlova - Lynn Ar­van­i­takis; Four Sweet Muffins - Lyn­dall Horne; Lam­ing­tons - Marie Leary; Six Patty Cakes - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Rasp­berry Slice - Adele Sch­we­icker; Un­baked Slice - Heather Frost; Short­bread in tri­an­gles - Lyn­dall Horne; Home­made bis­cuits - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Pikelets - Lynn Ar­van­i­takis; Best Cake made by a male - Lewis Leary; VASL Car­rot Cake - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; AN­ZAC Bis­cuits - Bev Scott; Af­ter­noon Tea Tray - Lyn­dall Horne.

Ju­nior Cook­ing

G & B Fox Tro­phy for Best Nov­elty Cake in Ju­nior Cook­ing - Lucy McCro­han.

Mrs M Gra­ham Tro­phy for Ex­hibitor with Most En­tries (Ju­nior Cook­ing) - Emma Martin.

Sch­we­icker Fam­ily Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor 8 Years & Un­der - Bryn Kirk.

Mrs M Gra­ham Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor 14 Years & Un­der - Emma Martin.

8 years & un­der: Two Marie Bis­cuits Iced Only - Bryn Kirk; Two Marie Bis­cuits Iced & Dec­o­rated - Sarah Frost; Four Rum Balls - Olive Leary; Best dec­o­rated Cake - Elise McCro­han; Honey Joys - Bryn Kirk.

14 years & un­der: Two Muffins - Emma Martin; Six Rum Balls - Emma Martin; Plate of Af­ter­noon Tea - Emma Martin; But­ter Cake - Isla Kirk; Best Dec­o­rated Cake - Isla Kirk; Nov­elty Cake - Lucy McCro­han; Four Meringues - Ruby Hyde; Bis­cuits - Kieran Kirk.

Jams & Pre­serves

SA Dal­gliesh Memo­rial Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor - Lyn­dall Horne.

Mrs A Ack­erly Tro­phy for Best Col­lec­tion of Jams not less than four va­ri­eties - Lyn­dall Horne.

Mrs M Hill Tro­phy for Best Apri­cot Jam - Jes­sica Lorimer.

Col­lec­tion of 4 Home­made Jams - Lyn­dall Horne; Six Small Jars of As­sorted Jams in a Gift Pack - Lyn­dall Horne; Melon Jam (any flavour) - Lyn­dall Horne; Apri­cot Jam - Lyn­dall Horne; Peach Jam - Lyn­dall Horne; Nec­tarine Jam - Lyn­dall Horne; Plum Jam - Lyn­dall Horne; Berry Jam - Heather McLeod; Mar­malade Jam - Bev Scott; Any other va­ri­ety Jam - Denise Walker; Jar of le­mon but­ter - Mar­cus Lorimer; 300 mls. Boiled May­on­naise - Lyn­dall Horne; Bot­tle Home­made Fruit Syrup or Cor­dial - Lyn­dall Horne; Tomato Sauce - Lyn­dall Horne; Sauce (any va­ri­ety) - Heather Frost; Cu­cum­ber Pick­les - Denise Walker; Mixed Pick­les - Lyn­dall Horne; Chut­ney (any va­ri­ety) - Denise Walker; Tomato Rel­ish - Mar­cus Lorimer; Rel­ish (any va­ri­ety) - Lyn­dall Horne; Pick­led Olives - Lynn Ar­van­i­takis; Olive Tape­nade - Lyn­dall Horne.

Ju­nior Sec­tion (16 years and un­der): Apri­cot Jam - Jes­sica Lorimer; Plum Jam - Jes­sica Lorimer; Jar of Le­mon But­ter - Jes­sica Lorimer.


I Whe­lan Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor - Adele Sch­we­icker.

B & E Ren­dell Tro­phy for Best Ex­hibit Se­nior Needle­work - Adele Sch­we­icker.

Spot­light VASL Hand Em­broi­dery Com­pe­ti­tion - Stella Lee; Spot­light VASL Patch­work Com­pe­ti­tion - Adele Sch­we­icker; Spot­light VASL State Sewing Com­pe­ti­tion - Lorna Gray; Spot­light VASL Knit­ting Com­pe­ti­tion - Adele Sch­we­icker; Spot­light VASL Cro­chet Com­pe­ti­tion - Catie Purtell; Any Ar­ti­cle of Ma­chine Sewing not pro­vided for - Lorna Gray; Quilt, Ma­chine Pieced & Com­mer­cially quilted - Adele Sch­we­icker; Quilt, Ma­chine Pieced & quilted by ex­hibitor - J Law­ton; Ma­chine Made Ar­ti­cle with Ap­plique´ - Adele Sch­we­icker; One Hand­bag (any work) - Kerri Ryan; Best Hand­made Coat Hanger - Stella Lee; Best Cush­ion (ma­chine or hand­made) - Adele Sch­we­icker; Patch­work Ma­chine sewn (Ex­clud­ing Quilts) - Adele Scwe­icker; Piece of Cro­chet Work - Karen Senini; Piece of Cro­chet Work (fine) - Stella Lee; Best Rug, Cro­chet - Catie Purtell; Baby’s Knit­ted Gar­ment - Adele Sch­we­icker; Child’s Knit­ted Gar­ment - Adele Sch­we­icker; Ladies or Gent’s Knit­ted Jumper or Cardi­gan - May Hill; Knit­ted Ar­ti­cle Un­spec­i­fied - Karen Senini; Best Rug Knit­ted - Au­drey McGre­gor; Ar­ti­cle or Craft made from Wool - El­iza Purtell; Soft Toy (any kind) - Kerri Ryan; Some­thing New from Some­thing Old (not Ma­te­rial) - Ma­ree Ryan; Most use­ful Ar­ti­cle, to cost no more than $10 - Adele Sch­we­icker; Ar­ti­cle of Em­broi­dery - Lorna Gray; Christ­mas Item - Linda Kay; Group ex­hibit open to any or­gan­i­sa­tion, 6 dis­tinct ar­ti­cles - Brenda’s Bust Bees.

Ju­nior Needle­work

A Sul­li­van Tro­phy for Best Ex­hibit, Sec­tion 1 to 12 - Jye Litch­field.

10 years and un­der: Hand­made Ar­ti­cle - Mia Cameron.

12 years and un­der: Hand­made Ar­ti­cle - Jye Litch­field.

CWA CUP, Three Dis­tinct of Ar­ti­cles of Hand­craft that have been com­pleted in the past year; Le­mon & Sour Cream Cake and Jar Mar­malade (any kind) - Ber­ri­gan 1 CWA

Aged care: Best Knit­ted Scarf - Au­drey Fowler; Best Knit­ted Coathanger - Les­ley Kable; Best Draw­ing - Greg Find­ley; Best One ar­ti­cle of any craft - Au­drey Williams.


Dr O Whit­ney Memo­rial Tro­phy for Best Bloom, Stem, Spike or Head in any sec­tion - Bill Hodge.

EH Cold­well Memo­rial Tro­phy for Three Aus­tralian Na­tives (Sec­tion 20) - David Steven­son.

Mrs EA Davis Memo­rial Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Child Ex­hibitor - Lucy Pyle.

Kath­leen Horne Memo­rial Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor on Sec­tions 1-21 - Mar­garet Shead.

Thelma Ryan Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ex­hibitor in Sec­tions 22-34 – Bill Hodge.

Norma Rankin Memo­rial Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful in Sec­tion 9-13 – Bill Hodge.

Best Stem, Spike, or Head any va­ri­ety - Bill Hodge; Best Or­chid - Bill Hodge; Best Camel­lia - Marie Leary; One Aza­lea - Jenny Cold­well; One Cut Aza­lea - El­iz­a­beth Austin; Three Gera­ni­ums - Mar­garet Shead; One Cut Iris - Sharnee Hor­ton; One Cut Dutch Iris - Mar­garet Shead; Five Anemone - Bill Hodge; Five Ra­nun­cu­lus - Mar­garet Shead; Five Pan­sies - Bill Hodge; Five Cuts of Flow­ers Dis­tinct Va­ri­eties - Kath­leen McLeod; Five Sweet Peas - Mar­garet Shead; Five Ice­land Pop­pies - Mar­garet Shead; Five Arum Lilies - Tom & Emma Martin; Five Cut of any Flower not spec­i­fied - Heather Frost; Three Aus­tralian Na­tives - David Steven­son.

Flo­ral Art: Ar­range­ment of herbs in kitchen uten­sil - Lyn­dall Horne; Minia­ture Ar­range­ment not to ex­ceed 15cm high - Marie Leary; Ar­range­ment of One Bloom - Ma­jorie Steven­son; Greet­ing Card Us­ing pressed Flow­ers - Mar­garet Shead.

Pot Plants, Ferns, Etc: One Fo­liage Plant - Bill & Lor­raine Hodge; One Fern - Marg McGee; Flow­er­ing Bulbs (corms, tu­bers, rhi­zomes) - Mar­garet Shead; Or­chid - Paul Fen­nell; Flow­er­ing Plant or Plants not pre­vi­ously spec­i­fied - Bill Hodge; Be­go­nia - Marg McGee; Cacti and Suc­cu­lents - Vic­to­ria Kennedy.

14 years & un­der: Ar­range­ment made from Fruit and/or Veg­eta­bles - Thomas Martin; Minia­ture Gar­den, not ex­ceed­ing 35cm x 46cm - Lucy Pyle; Dec­o­rated Saucer - Ruby Hyde; Col­lec­tion of Six Dif­fer­ent Leaves - Elise McCro­han; Face Carved from Ap­ple or Or­ange - Isla Kirk.

10 years & un­der: Nov­elty made from Fruit and/or Veg­etable (an­i­mal to be named) - Olive Leary; Dec­o­rated Saucer - Lucy Pyle; Pic­ture us­ing Leaves & Berries - Emily Collins.


Hand­writ­ing: Kinder­garten, Pen­cil - Tanya Khu­rana; Year 1, Pen­cil - Harry Tay­lor; Year 2, Pen­cil - Jack Mag­ill; Year 3, Pen­cil - Lucy Pyle; Year 4, Pen - Char­lie Mag­ill; Year 5, Pen - Lara Willem­son; Year 6, Pen - Amelia Packer.

Art (Paint­ing, Pic­to­rial or Ab­stract – Any Medium): Kinder - Jack Phillips; Years 1/2 - Wil­low Laing; Years 3/4 - Is­abel Sierra; Years 5/6 - Tess Mid­dle­ton.

De­sign A Poster Topic (Ad­ver­tis­ing The Ber­ri­gan Show): Kinder - Dar­cie Smith; Years 1/2 - Joshua Monteath; Years 3/4 - Mi­ley Driscoll; Years 5/6 - Franch­esca Ur­ru­tia.

Gen­eral Hand­i­craft: Years 3/4 - Rosie Phillips; Years 5/6 - Kyra Lind­ner.

Po­etry: Years 1/2 - Jack Smith; Years 3/4 - Is­abel Sierra; Years 5/6 - Amelia Packer.

Story Writ­ing: Years 1/2 - Thomas Bax­ter; Years 3/4 - Flyann Diener; Years 5/6 - Amelia Packer.

Project Work: Year 1/2 - Emelie Smith; Year 5/6 - Jes­sica O’Dwyer.


G Mc­Carthy Tro­phy for Most Out­stand­ing Ex­hibit - Bar­bara Dunn.

Ber­ri­gan Post Of­fice Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Pri­mary School Ex­hibitor - Lara Collins.

Im­promptu Tro­phy for the Most Suc­cess­ful Se­condary School Ex­hibitor - Jes­sica Bicket.

A & H So­ci­ety Tro­phy for Best Oil - Bar­bara Dunn.

A & H So­ci­ety Tro­phy for Best Wa­ter­colour - Au­drey Fowler.

Open Sec­tion: Best Oil - Bar­bara Dunn; Best Acrylic - Au­drey Fowler; Best Acrylic Ab­stract - El­iza Putrell.

Ju­nior Sec­tion: Any Medium, 10 years and un­der - Lara Collins; Any Medium, 10 to 12 years - Teagen Dart; Any Medium, 13 to 15 years - Jes­sica Bicket.

Craft & Wood­work

A & H So­ci­ety Tro­phy for Most Out­stand­ing Craft Item - Sonya Or­gan. Craft Open Sec­tion: One Ar­ti­cle of Leather­work - Heather Frost; One Ar­ti­cle Any Other Craft - Sonya Or­gan.

Ju­nior Sec­tion: One Sam­ple of Cut­ting and/ or Fold­ing mounted and/or colour­ing sheet - Mia Cameron; One ar­ti­cle of any other hand­work - So­phie Bax­ter. Wood­work: Best ar­ti­cle wood­work – Gra­ham McKay.


RA & K Har­ris Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Open Ex­hibitor - Ter­rie Clark.

Our Town - Ter­rie Clark; Lo­cal Event - Lorna Barry; Wed­ding - Sonya Or­gan; Fam­ily Oc­ca­sion - Lorna Barry; Sport­ing Event - Ter­rie Clark; Farm/An­i­mal - Ter­rie Clark; Hol­i­day - Ter­rie Clark; Geo­met­ric De­sign with Pic­tures - Jean Phillips; Baby/Child - Ter­rie Clark; Chil­dren - Lorna Barry; Off Page us­ing Paper­craft and any ma­te­rial with Pho­tos - Sonya Or­gan; Al­bum - Ter­rie Clark.

Dec­o­rated Card Mak­ing: Birth­day Card - Ter­rie Clark; Christ­mas Card - Pat McMillan; Wed­ding Card - Ter­rie Clark; Baby-Birth/ Chris­ten­ing Card - Pam McMillan; Mother’s Day - Ter­rie Clark; Fa­ther’s Day - Mar­garet Gra­ham; Pop Up Card - Ter­rie Clark.


Fin­ley & District Cam­era Club Inc Mem­ber­ship for the Best Over­all Pho­to­graphic Ex­hibit - Ali­cia Hor­ton.

A & H So­ci­ety Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Se­nior Ex­hibitor in Pho­tog­ra­phy - Lynda Snow­den.

Mar­i­lyn Bax­ter Tro­phy for Most Suc­cess­ful Ju­nior Ex­hibitor in Pho­tog­ra­phy - Jes­sica Bicket.

South­ern Rive­rina Hunt­ing Club Tro­phy for Best Pho­to­graph Sec­tion 26 - Jes­sica Bicket.

VASL Pho­tog­ra­phy Com­pe­ti­tion Sub­ject Wa­ter - El­iza Purtell; VASL Ju­nior Pho­tog­ra­phy Com­pe­ti­tion sub­ject Wa­ter - Jes­sica Bicket.

Colour Pho­tog­ra­phy: Land­scape - Mar­ney Dal­gliesh; An­i­mal, Bird or In­sect - Ter­rie Clark; Flower or Tree Study - Ali­cia Hor­ton; Wed­ding - Jes­sica Bicket; Sport/Ac­tion - Vic­to­ria Kennedy; Por­trait 1 per­son - Chris Falla; Baby, Child or Chil­dren - Lynn Ar­van­i­takis; Sun­rise/Sun­set - Lynn Snow­den; Water­scape/Seas­cape - Mar­ney Dal­gliesh; Se­ries of three prints with a com­mon theme or story, mounted to­gether on card - Jes­sica Bicket; Any other sub­ject - Lynda Snow­den; Lo­cal in­ter­est Ra­dius within 30km of Ber­ri­gan - Lynda Snow­den; Creative/ex­per­i­men­tal (pic­tures crated by dig­i­tally al­ter­ing as­pects of a pho­to­graph) - Ali­cia Hor­ton.

Black And White: Land­scape/Water­scape - Mur­ray Cameron; An­i­mal, bird or in­sect - El­iza Purtell; Ar­chi­tec­ture (build­ings, bridges) - Lynda Snow­den; Peo­ple (one or more) - Lynda Snow­den; Any Other Sub­ject - Lynda Snow­den.

Ju­nior: Sun­set/Sun­rise - Jes­sica Bicket; An­i­mal, Bird or In­sect - Jes­sica Bisket; Flower or Tree - Jes­sica Bisket.


Orig­i­nal De­signed Lego: Five years and un­der - Sarah Frost; 6-8 years - Tom Bax­ter; 9-12 years - Mia Cameron.

Kit De­signed Lego: 6-8 - El­sia McCro­han; 9-12 - Lucy McCro­hen; 13-16 - Dy­lan Forge.

Nov­elty Com­pe­ti­tions

Best Dec­o­rated Gum­boot - St Columba’s Town Li­brary (pri­mary com­pe­ti­tion), Ama­roo Aged Care (adult com­pe­ti­tion).

Old­est and Most Loyal Esky - David Steven­son.

Best Scare­crow - Emily Gor­man (Prep and un­der), Layla Towler (Pri­mary School), Mai Greed (open).

Del Sch­we­icker pic­tured with her quilt, which re­ceived Best Ex­hibit in Needle­craft.

Sonya Or­gan with her out­stand­ing craft ex­hibit in the pavil­ion.

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