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1 Which 1930s screen star has her name in the dic­tio­nary? (3,4)

4 If C is Charlie and G is golf, what is A? (5) 7 On mu­sic, what sym­bol on the left-hand end of a stave in­di­cates the pitch of the mu­sic? (4)

8 What de­scribes some­one who speaks sev­eral lan­guages? (8)

10 What is Bugs Bunny’s catch­phrase? (5,2,3)

12 Who was head of the ser­vants in TV’s Up­stairs, Down­stairs? (6)

13 What is the cap­i­tal of Turkey? (6)

15 An es­ti­mated three mil­lion stray dogs roam the streets of which city? (6,4)

18 In an old song, which race­track is five miles long? (8)

19 Sally Lunn was a baker in which English city? (4) 20 Ni­amey is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try in Africa? (5)

21 What elec­tric gen­er­a­tor pro­duced the spark for early car en­gines? (7)


1 The hy­acinth species of which bird is the world’s long­est par­rot? (5)

2 Colom­bia is the world’s ma­jor source of which gem­stones?(8)

3 What is a com­pany of trav­el­ling en­ter­tain­ers? (6) 4 Who was the first woman to fly solo from Eng­land to Aus­tralia? (3,7)

5 What cloth is spread over a cof­fin? (4)

6 St Johns is the largest town on which of the Lee­ward Is­lands? (7)

9 Whose nov­els fea­ture Cap­tain Ho­ra­tio Horn­blower? (1,1,8)

11 What is a spiced liq­uid mix­ture in which meat or fish is soaked be­fore cook­ing? (8)

12 What large tuba pre­ceded the sousa­phone? (7) 14 What dwelling of Na­tive Amer­i­cans con­sists of skins spread over a set of tied arched poles? (6) 16 David Filo and Jerry Yang founded which In­ter­net com­pany? (5)

17 In De­cem­ber 1952, what killed thou­sands of Lon­don­ers? (4)

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