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STAN­THORPE Bor­der Post man­ager Sa­man­tha Wantling shared her thoughts on be­ing a grand­par­ent. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that be­ing a grand­par­ent would be such a spe­cial time in my life.”

Un­til you be­come a Grand­par­ent you will never know that spe­cial bond. It’s the best feel­ing ever.

— Sh­eryl Ford

Oh so very true Sam. His lit­tle smile makes your heart sing.

— Sharon Wil­lett

Great ar­ti­cle and how so very true, they make your heart melt.

— Julie Cas­sanego-Savio

Well writ­ten Sa­man­tha and so very true the love one has for their own child does get el­e­vated to greater heights when you be­come a Grand­par­ent. Such a priv­i­lege.

— Dallas N Grace Bates

Farm­ers are grow­ing fed up with tres­passers af­ter the re­cent mur­der of al­pacas and break ins and thefts on other prop­er­ties.

Or gree­nies us­ing your prop­erty as a hik­ing spot then try­ing to re­port you for le­gal and safe clear­ing.

— Nathan Lee

...I feel sad for farm­ers. They work hard get ripped off by the big shops then have to put up with tres­passes and an­i­mal mur­der­ers. Its not right. Have re­spect for our farm­ers. — Wendy Fur­minger

Our so called jus­tice sys­tem is a joke too many crim­i­nals get off with a slap on the wrist and it al­lows the prob­lems to keep hap­pen­ing it’s time to get tough and get a bit more cre­ative with pun­ish­ments. No matter how tough life gets no one has the right to take or harm what is not theirs!

— Joy Oliver

Bass player John Tomkins told his story of be­ing on stage with Johnny Cash and his band in 1991.

John Tomkins your love of mu­sic is amaz­ing en­joy.

— Ian Bar­low

Woohoo! Go you muso!

— Jo­hanne Walsh

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