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1. Which in­sect is re­spon­si­ble for over a mil­lion deaths a year?

2. Aus­tralia had three prime min­is­ters in the 1970s. Who were they?

3. Which Grease clas­sic be­gins “I got chills, they’re mul­ti­plyin’ ”?

4. Which Gover­nor Gen­eral was Arch­bishop of Bris­bane?

5. What is the mean­ing of hypocaust – ma­jor flood­ing, mass killing of an eth­nic group or an an­cient Ro­man heat­ing sys­tem?

6. In which coun­try did the beer Stella Ar­tois orig­i­nate – France, Bel­gium or Switzer­land?

7. An 11-year-old boy takes up bal­let in­stead of box­ing: what’s the ti­tle of the film?

8. What per­cent­age of the world’s pop­u­la­tion lives north of the equa­tor - less than 60%, about 70% or more than 85%?

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