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6 Who per­ished when the sun melted the wax hold­ing on his ar­ti­fi­cial wings? (6) 7 Which coun­try has al­most 50 per­cent of the world’s fresh­wa­ter lakes? (6) 10 What did the euro re­place in Greece? (7) 11 What is the cap­i­tal of South Korea? (5) 12/13 The air­port in Or­ange County, Cal­i­for­nia, is named after which film ac­tor? (4,5) 16/17 After al­most 20 years in the sin­gles charts, which Bri­tish singer fi­nally had a UK num­ber one in 1990? (5,4) 20 The monarch but­ter­fly is the state in­sect of which US state? (5) 21 What were early sound films called? (7) 22 What would you har­vest from an Olea Europaea? (6) 23 What is the low­est rank of com­mis­sioned of­fi­cer in the US navy? (6)


1 Which city’s an­nual car­ni­val is de­scribed as “the big­gest party in the world”? (3,2,7) 2 What is a tuft or plume of feath­ers on a hel­met? (7) 3 What is the ter­ri­tory of a duchess? (5) 4 Which fa­mous Ital­ian town and its monastery were shelled to rub­ble in 1943? (7) 5 What fluffy sub­stance from around tree seeds is used as stuff­ing for cush­ions etc? (5) 8 Which song was adapted by Rob­bie Burns, be­com­ing a yearly an­them? (4,4,4) 9 Which opera-singing great sang at the open­ing of the Turino 2006 Olympics? (9) 14 What sur­name is shared by singer Rose­mary and ac­tor Ge­orge? (7) 15 What is a sup­ple­ment to a will? (7) 18 In which French city was Som­er­set Maugham born? (5) 19 Which cap­tain did Robert Louis Steven­son de­scribe as “the blood-thirsti­est buc­ca­neer that sailed”? (5)

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