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■ AT NINE years of age, Tay­lor Unold de­cided to pur­sue the idea of grow­ing his hair for a char­i­ta­ble cause. Three years later, he’s un­der­gone the chop.

GREAT job, buddy. You should be so proud. — Kay­lah Adams

CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS Tay­lor, while it’s easy to grow the hair, lots of peo­ple took a long time to un­der­stand (when they didn't know your plan). Good job. You can be proud of your achieve­ment. We are. — Tru­dence Blank

YOU’RE a le­gend Tay­lor. — Kim Newey

■ GRAN­ITE Belt Chap­laincy ser­vices are seen by many in the com­mu­nity as an im­por­tant in­vest­ment in the next gen­er­a­tion and now chap­lains need sup­port to fund ser­vice which helps many stu­dents.

CHAPPIES don't pro­vide reli­gious in­struc­tion. They are not per­mit­ted to pro­vide reli­gious in­struc­tion. What they do pro­vide is im­por­tant sup­port to chil­dren in need. They pro­vide sup­port pro­grams, ser­vices ( such as run­ning brekky club) and a safe haven. They are a valu­able and val­ued mem­ber of the school com­mu­nity. — Terri McMen­i­man

PLEASE ev­ery­one sup­port them. — Su­san O’Flana­gan

■ STAN­THORPE can now boast the old­est liv­ing Queens­lan­der. Peo­ple were quick to share 110th birth­day wishes for Phyl­lis Lee. HAPPY birth­day Phyl­lis. You're a mem­o­rable lady. — Karen Houssen­loge

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