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1 What word comes from the Latin for “day of Saturn”? (8)

7 Which break-away sect from the Men­non­ites set­tled in the US in the early 1700s? (5)

8 Catriona was the 1893 se­quel to which 1886 novel? (9)

9 Which body or­gan con­trols bal­ance? (3)

10 What word can pre­cede chains, blind and job? (4)

11 Which car­toon char­ac­ter rst ap­peared as the Friendly Ghost in 1945? (6)

13 Which small coun­try is the world’s largest ex­porter of false teeth? (13)

15 Which sys­tem of com­bat means “empty hand” in Ja­panese? (6)

16 A cloche hat re­sem­bles a what? (4)

18 What drink comes from the Camel­lia sinen­sis? (3)

20 What con­di­tion caus­ing mot­tling on teeth re­sults from ex­ces­sive uoride in­take? (9)

21 What pow­dered to­bacco is sni ed? (5)

22 What word is an ana­gram of “A cent tip”? (8)


1 Lake Hemkund in In­dia is sa­cred to whom? (5) 2 What crea­ture is called a pol­li­wog by Amer­i­cans? (7)

3 500 sheets is what quan­tity of paper? (4)

4 Which star, the third bright­est in the sky, is ac­tu­ally three stars close to­gether? (5,8)

5 What is the largest mem­ber of the cat fam­ily? (5) 6 Which US Civil War gen­eral cap­tured At­lanta then ex­e­cuted the March to the Sea? (7)

7 What de­scribes body tis­sue made up mostly of fat cells? (7)

12 What was Gary Cooper’s role in High Noon? (7) 13 Which sugar is present in milk? (7)

14 Who (Ralph Waldo ____) evolved the con­cept of Tran­scen­den­tal­ism? (7)

15 What is the cap­i­tal of Afghanistan? (5)

17 What ne, smooth cot­ton thread was used for stock­ings? (5)

19 What is a ridge on the nger­board of a stringed in­stru­ment? (4)

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