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RE­SULTS Fine Arts sec­tion

Ju­nior Awards: Preschool – no en­tries; Un­der 12 - First –

‘Spots the Lizard Won­der­ful World’ Dar­ius Jansink, Sec­ond – ‘Days and Years of Trans­port’ Lisa Can­navo; Un­der 18 - First – ‘I live near the An­i­mals’ Priscilla Dunn, Sec­ond – ‘Vader’ Jack­son Scan­lan Joy-Del Prize; For Tech­nique – ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies’ Ash­ley Bell; For In­ter­pre­ta­tion – ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ El­iza Telfer. Se­nior Awards: Class 1 – Wa­ter­colour Paint­ing First – ‘Quoll in the Bush’ Karen Johns, Sec­ond – Whiskey

Gully Cross­ing’ Karen Johns. Class 2 – Oil paint­ing - First – ‘The Path’ Dean Ford, Sec­ond – ‘De­serted Beach’ John Lich. Class 3 – Acrylic Paint­ing - First – ‘Mount Hotham’ Francina Hill, Sec­ond – ‘Feast of the Sea­son’ Jen Martin. Class 4 – Pas­tels - First – ‘Foal Study’ Janne Chew, Sec­ond – ‘Tall and Short’ Esme J Col­ley. Class 5 – Draw­ing - First – ‘Horse Study’ Janne Chew, Sec­ond – ‘Hill­crest’ Bob Town­shend. Class 6– Mixed Me­dia/Col­lage First – ‘Fad­ing Beauty’ Miriam Green, Sec­ond – ‘Bub­ble Gum’ Ja­nine Clancy. Class 7 – Por­trait - First – ‘Char­lie’ Dean Ford, Sec­ond – ‘Kylo’ Tom Scan­lan. Class 8– Ab­stract - First – ‘All that Jazz’ Dean Ford, Sec­ond – ‘Eye in the For­est’ Karen Johns. Class 9 – Dig­i­tal Art – no en­tries. Class 10 – "Mean­ing" - First – ‘Stormy Night’ Karen Johns. Ma­jor Awards: Most Promis­ing Artist Award - Cooper Bell; Therese Bur­ton Award for Ju­nior Cham­pion – Hamish Swift ‘Land­marks of Aus­tralia’; Jean Harslett Award – Bob Town­shend; Emerg­ing Artist - Janne Chew; Indige­nous Art Award Se­nior – Jen Martin; Grand Cham­pion Art­work - ‘Quoll in the Bush’ Karen Johns.

Hand­craft sec­tion

ANNE Lind­say 2018 Hand­craft Show Cham­pion awarded to Mar­i­lyn Dunn for Bear or Doll made in Cloth, Class 95. Hand­craft Com­mit­tee Award won by Val Drinkwa­ter for Knit­ted or Cro­cheted Doll, Class 97.

Cuts ‘n Curls 2018 Youth Cham­pion awarded to Lin­coln Rowe for Fes­tive Item Class 67. Bev Bat­ter­ham 2018 Lego Cham­pion awarded to Troy Topatigh for Free Form Lego Class 46.

Class 1 Anna’s Restau­rant Wall Hang­ings. Win­ner by pub­lic vote. Del­cie Welsh.

Class 2 Fam­ily Ex­hibit – in mem­ory of El­speth Cameron. 1st K Heath. 2nd F Rao.

Class 3 De­coupage Box. 1st and 2nd J Aitken.

Class 4 De­coupage Frame. 1st J Aitken.

Class 5. De­coupage Vase 1stand 2nd J Aitken.

Class 6 Rope Ball 1st S Rowan. Class 7 Rope, any other item 1st K Heath 2nd S Rowan.

Class 8 Hand­made Flow­ers 1st B Stoes­sel 2nd F Rao.

Class 9 Some­thing for the Kitchen 1st M Dunn 2nd T Rowe, HC L Brad­shaw, J Walker.

Class 10 Some­thing for the Bed­room 1st L Brad­shaw 2nd C Smith HC L Ab­bott.

Class 12 Some­thing for the Nurs­ery 1st L Brad­shaw 2nd K Heath HC K Dwyer.

Class 13 Mar­kets in Moun­tains Cush­ion 1st C Rowe 2nd M Dunn HC K Heath, L Brad­shaw.

Class 14 Micky Mae Pin Cush­ion 1st D Scalia 2nd M Dunn HC H Foelz.

Class 15 Micky Mae Bag –

Joint 1st L Brad­shaw and C Lawder HC S Puglisi.

Class 16 Fas­ci­na­tor 1st and 2nd M Thomp­son.

Class 17 Hat or Cap 1st C Krawczyk 2nd V Drinkwa­ter. Class 18 Mar­kets in the Moun­tains Felt, Knit­ted, Cro­cheted Jew­ellery 1st B Stoes­sel 2nd V Drinkwa­ter.

Class 19 Ar­ti­cle from Re­cy­cled Ma­te­rial 1st and 2nd M Dunn HC B Stoes­sel.

Class 20 Fes­tive ar­ti­cle 1st M Dunn 2nd S Palmer.

Class 23 Mar­ket in the Moun­tains Childs Apron 1st L Brad­shaw 2nd V Mars­den.

Class 24 Mar­ket in the Moun­tains Dog Coat 1st L Brad­shaw 2nd M Dunn.

Class 25 Micky Mae Pot Holder or Mitt 1st L Brad­shaw 2nd H Foelz.

Class27 Mar­ket in the Moun­tains Doorstop 1st M Dunn 2nd H Foelz.

Class28 Cover for Mo­bile or Glasses 1st M Dunn.

Class 29 Mar­ket in the Moun­tains Folk Art 1st and 2nd E Bougoure.

Class 30 Jew­ellery 1st K Pasin. Class32 In­fin­ity Scarf 1st M Dunn 2nd K Heath.

Class 33 Any Other Hand­craft 1st J Rat­cliffe 2nd K Cret­ney. Class 33A Mo­saics 1st K Wil­liams 2nd M Daw­son.

Class 34 Se­nior Cit­i­zens, any hand­craft 1st I Hooper.

Class 34A Lead­light 1st T Jack­son.

Class 36 Micky Mae Novice Bag 1st and 2nd J Walker.

Class 37 Novice Jew­ellery 1st and 2nd T Mosier.

Class 39 Novice Dog Coat 2nd D Han­ni­gan.

Class 40 Novice Beaded item

1st and 2nd T Mosier.

Class 41 Novice, any other Hand­craft 1st E Lawrie.

Class 93 Gra­cious Giv­ing Fur Bear 1st H Eng­lish.

Class 94 Gra­cious Giv­ing Hand Made Bear 1st R Day 2nd M


Class 95 Gra­cious Giv­ing Bear or Doll in Cloth 1st M Dunn 2nd V Drinkwa­ter. Class 96 Fan­tasy Doll 1st K Meltcher 2nd M Dunn.

Class 97 Doll Knit­ted or Cro­cheted 1st S Styles 2nd C Kent.

Class 102 Gra­cious Giv­ing Novice Fur Bear 1st and 2nd H Eng­lish.

Class 103 Gra­cious Giv­ing Novice Hand­made Bear 1st H Eng­lish.

Class 104 Gra­cious Giv­ing Novice Bear or Doll in Cloth 2nd H Eng­lish.

Class 105 Gra­cious Giv­ing Novice Any Bear 1st R Day 2nd S Puglisi.

Class 107 Novice Knit­ted/Cro­cheted Bear/Doll 1st L Boyce.

Class 109 Novice Porce­lain Doll, Hand made clothes 2nd C Krawczyk.

Ju­niors and youth: Class 56 Early Child­hood, Beaded item 1st Chloe Sch­nitzer­ling, 2nd Caitlin Ros­sow.

Class 57 Early Child­hood, Dec­o­rated Pet Rock 1st Chloe Sch­nitzer­ling 2nd Char­lie Sch­nitzer­ling, HC Halle John, Janet Sher­rin, Beau Sch­nitzer­ling.

Grades 1-2 (in 2017) Class 61 Bead­work 1st Ge­or­gia Petrie 2nd Ava Scalia.

Class 62 Dec­o­rated Tin 1st Han­nah Petrie 2nd Ge­or­gia Petrie.

Class 63 Dec­o­rated Pet Rock 1st Han­nah Petrie 2nd Laura Sher­rin.

Grades 3-4 (in 2017) Class 64 Item for Fete 1st Clau­dia Lawrie 2nd Henry Mor­gan. Class 65 Bead­work 1st So­phie Carmichael 2nd Isacc Hall. Class 66 Dec­o­rated tin 1st Lily Savakov 2nd McKayla De Marniel.

Class 67 Fes­tive Dec­o­ra­tion 1st Lin­coln Rowe 2nd Isacc Hall HC Henry Mor­gan, McKayla Os­borne.

Class 68 Loop Band 1st Henry Mor­gan.

Grades 5-6 (in 2017) Class 70 Fes­tive ar­ti­cle 1st Lucy Elms 2nd Bethany San­der­son.

Class 71 In­ven­tion us­ing re­cy­cled ma­te­rial 1st So­phie Brunk­horst 2nd Nathan Lan­cuba.

Class 72 Bead­work or Jew­ellery 1st Lil­lian Tap­scott. Class 73 Fete 1st Hay­ley Danzey 2nd Jack Rig­den.

Class 75 Pad­dle Pop Cre­ation 1st Char­lie Haynes 2nd Jye Cook and Jack O’Brien.

Teens: Grades 7-8 (in 2017) Class 70 Christ­mas Dec­o­ra­tion 1st Ay­den Rowe.

Class 80 Any Other Hand­craft 1st Har­riet Mor­gan.

Class 81 Bead­work 1st Har­riet Mor­gan.

Grades 9-10 (in 2017) Class 83 Fete 1st Alex Rankin.

Class 84 Cush­ion or Apron 1st Jaimee Beecham 2nd Alex Rankin.

Class 86 Bead­work or Jew­ellery 1st Alex Rankin.

Class 87 Christ­mas Dec­o­ra­tion 1st Rachel Paech 2nd Alex Rankin.

Young adults: Grades11-12 (in 2017) Class 89 Cush­ion or Apron 2nd Rachel Finch.


GRAND EN­TRY: Karen Johns re­ceived se­nior grand cham­pion for her art­work.

Hamish Swift won the Therese Bur­ton Award for ju­nior cham­pion.

There proved to be a large va­ri­ety of cre­ations for the hand­craft sec­tion.

Plenty of ex­pe­ri­enced crafters en­tered this year’s show.

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