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GE­ORGE and Fuhrmann sub­mit­ted the fol­low­ing re­port from the War­wick cat­tle sale:

LF Pren­der­gast, of Green­mount, sold milk tooth charo­lais bul­locks for a mar­ket top of 280c/kg, 570kg $1596.

Mel­rose Sta­tion, Kil­lar­ney, sold an­gus-cross­bul­locks for 270.2c/kg, 605kg $1635. Mel­rose also sold an­gus-cross heavy feeder steers for 281.2c/kg, 513kg $1443.

C Byrne, of War­wick, sold an­gus-cross heavy feeder steers for 281.2c/kg, 417kg $1172.

DM Vaughan, of War­wick, sold an­gus-cross heavy feed­ers steers for 277.2c/kg, 492.5kg $1365..

Tigh­yari Pty Ltd, Green­mount ,sold an­gus feeder steers for 306.2c/kg, 292kg $893.

AD&SJ Wen­ham, of War­wick, sold an­gus feeder steers for 294.2c/kg, 385kg $1132.

M Collins, of War­wick, sold an­gus-cross feeder steers for 293.2c/kg, 365kg $1070.

M&J Lyons, of Nobby, sold limousin feeder heifers for 280.2c/kg, 370kg $1037.

M Collins, of War­wick, sold an­gus feeder heifers for 270.2c/kg, 350kg $945.

R Mills, of Tenterfield, sold an­gus-cross feeder heifers for 270.2c/kg, 335kg $905.

Dib­ble­hurst Pty Ltd, War­wick, sold an­gus-cross­weaner heifers for 290.2c/kg, 250kg $726.

R&HG Ro­hde, of Clifton, sold santa weaner heifers for 287.2c/kg, 290kg $833.

Rus­sell & Wil­son Farm­ing, Clifton, sold charo­lais-cross­weaner heifers for 285.0c/kg, 210kg $599.

MAT Trad­ing, War­wick, sold Mur­ray Grey weaner steers for 352.2c/kg, 235kg $828.

B Feed­ers Pty Ltd, War­wick, sold an­gus-cross weaner steers for 352.2c/kg, 223kg $785.

RG&MA Han­cock, of Kil­lar­ney, sold an­gus weaner steers for 352.2c/kg, 220kg $775.

MJ& J Schultz, of Well­camp, sold charo­lais cows for 225.2c/kg, 640kg $1441.

Mt Col­liery Cat­tle Co, Kil­lar­ney, sold santa-cross cows for 225.2c/kg, 590kg $1329.

J Mills and Fam­ily, of Tenterfield, sold brah­man-cross cows for 225.2c/kg, 507kg $1142.

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