Grate­ful for the bless­ings I have

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OPIN­IONS, ad­vice and ed­i­to­ri­als can be such a per­sonal piece of writ­ing. They are de­signed to evoke an emo­tion from the reader, but for me, it can re­ally be put­ting my per­sonal life and feel­ings out there for all to dis­sect or even crit­i­cise.

But for some rea­son this week I just strug­gled. But then some­thing hap­pened on Tues­day that made me freeze for a brief se­cond.

There are times in ev­ery­one’s life that make you stop and as­sess what you have. When you re­alise all bless­ings that you have in your life and that some­times it doesn’t pay to sweat the lit­tle things.

Two trucks and a car were in­volved in an ac­ci­dent at the bot­tom of Brae­side. This isn’t about the ac­ci­dent, what caused it, who is at fault or what the con­di­tions were. This is about the split se­cond that could have changed my life.

My hus­band is a truck driver and drives the New Eng­land High­way on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. I of­ten lis­ten to his sto­ries of near misses and things that hap­pen that make your hair stand on end. But on this oc­ca­sion, he was lit­er­ally a minute from that ac­ci­dent. Had his load been ready a minute ear­lier, had he not had a cof­fee break, had he just been that minute ear­lier, it could eas­ily have been him in that ac­ci­dent.

His pro­fes­sion is not an easy one. Truck driv­ers have one of the most dan­ger­ous jobs in the coun­try. With dead­lines, rules, reg­u­la­tions and ‘pol­i­tics’, I don’t envy what he has to con­tend with. Just like ev­ery in­dus­try, there are the cow­boys who flaunt the rules and give truck driv­ers a bad name, but, most in the in­dus­try are just try­ing to get their job done and avoid be­com­ing an­other statis­tic. So, as he, and an­other half a mil­lion peo­ple like him this morn­ing, get be­hind the wheels of their trucks, I do stop for a se­cond and re­alise how thank­ful I am for hav­ing him in my life. I am thank­ful for the pride he takes in do­ing his job and do­ing it well, I am thank­ful that he wasn’t a minute early on Tues­day and I am thank­ful that ev­ery now and then I get the chance to as­sess my life and all the bless­ings I re­ally do have.

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