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THEY say ab­sence makes the heart grow fonder – one lo­cal group and its mem­bers would at­test to that and, as the 10-year an­niver­sary of amal­ga­ma­tion ap­proaches, there’s a grow­ing push within the com­mu­nity to aban­don it and go back to the “good old days”.

GOOD luck. Please ev­ery­one put this in your cal­en­dar. We need the whole of Stan­thorpe be­hind Alan and his team.

— Mar­ion McCul­loch

I WILL be at­tend­ing and sup­port­ing! Af­ter the past 10 years the changes that have been forced on our com­mu­nity have some­times been un­just, un­eth­i­cal and im­moral. Whilst I was al­ways against amal­ga­ma­tion in the first place, we can no longer wait to try and re­verse this ma­jor calamity on our re­gion.

— Michael Jensen

WE WILL be there. Ten years ago our rates were $900, they are now well over $2500. The roads have turned to putty and they don’t care one bit about our tourism. Time to give them the flick.

— Kris Kotzas

TEN years ago I marched on Par­lia­ment House singing, “We don’t need no amal­ga­ma­tion, we don’t need no state con­trol, hey Pe­ter leave our shire alone”. Well I can’t sing and I can’t march any­more and, while I would love to see this de­ci­sion re­versed, I feel we must ac­cept what hap­pened and fight the en­emy with a dif­fer­ent weapon.

— Jackie Salzke

THAT’S a fan­tas­tic idea. What about the money that we had?

— By­ron Brooks

ONCE the split goes through, SDRC must re­turn all Stan­thorpe cap­i­tal re­serves it has used to pay off War­wick debts. As well as the iden­ti­cal plant and equip­ment it took from Stan­thorpe and per­ma­nently re­lo­cated into War­wick. As well as all rate rev­enue from Stan­thorpe not spent in Stan­thorpe Shire.

— Mary Bat­tye

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