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1. The kook­aburra is the largest mem­ber of which bird fam­ily?

2. What is tasseo­mancy: the art of tea leaf read­ing, the prepa­ra­tion of goatskins for drums or an op­er­a­tion for in­grown toe­nails?

3. What would you ex­pect in a plu­vial re­gion?

4. Which was the first Bri­tish pop group to tour China: Wings, Wham! or Westlife?

5. If you are born in Jan­uary, what is your birth­stone?

6. What is the bee­tle called in a poem in A.A. Milne’s Now We Are Six?

7. What is a blank page at the be­gin­ning or end of a book?

8. Giv­ing his name to Jan­uary, which Ro­man god guarded door­ways, pas­sages and be­gin­nings?

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