Or­ganic diet can cut can­cer risks

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PEO­PLE who eat or­ganic food are 25 per cent less likely to get can­cer, ac­cord­ing to ex­perts who stud­ied the di­ets of tens of thou­sands of vol­un­teers.

Re­searchers sug­gested chem­i­cals and pes­ti­cides used on tra­di­tion­ally farmed fruit and veg may be re­spon­si­ble for caus­ing the dis­ease, which means eat­ing or­ganic food could help to pre­vent it.

The boffins quizzed 68,946 French adults about their di­ets and then fol­lowed them for an av­er­age of five years, with 1340 de­vel­op­ing can­cer dur­ing that time. The quar­ter who ate the most or­ganic food were 25 per cent less likely to get can­cer, com­pared to the quar­ter who ate the least or­ganic food.

And the find­ings were re- port­edly the same, even when other fac­tors – such as age, class and ex­ist­ing health prob­lems – were taken into ac­count.

But sci­en­tists ad­mit­ted the study did not prove a de­fin­i­tive link be­tween a non-or­ganic diet and can­cer, point­ing out that richer peo­ple tend to be health­ier, and are the most likely to choose more ex­pen­sive or­ganic food.

And the peo­ple who ate or­gan­i­cally in the study tended to have health­ier di­ets over­all, eat­ing lots of fruit and veg and avoid­ing pro­cessed meats and junk food.

The study was pub­lished in the JAMA In­ter­nal Medicine jour­nal, with the ar­ti­cle con­clud­ing: “A higher fre­quency of or­ganic food con­sump­tion was as­so­ci­ated with a re­duced risk of can­cer; if the find­ings are con­firmed, pro­mot­ing or­ganic food con­sump­tion in the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion could be a promis­ing pre­ven­tive strat­egy against can­cer.”

HEALTHY CHOICE: Eat­ing or­ganic could pre­vent can­cer.

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