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6 Which in­ter­na­tional ra­dio dis­tress sig­nal comes from the sound of French for “Help me”? (6) 7 Where do mice that are prover­bially poor live? (6) 10 Which Shake­spearean char­ac­ter was played by Or­son Welles in his 1952 award-win­ning film? (7) 11 What large-eyed, mon­key-like an­i­mal lives in Mada­gas­car? (5) 12 In Homeric leg­end, which city was be­sieged for ten years by the Greeks? (4) 13 What is an im­ma­ture drag­on­fly? (5) 16 Which city is the world’s high­est cap­i­tal city? (2,3) 17 Which town in Eng­land was founded by the Ro­mans, who called it Aquae Sulis? (4) 20 Of which genus are horses, don­keys and ze­bras? (5) 21 Which an­i­mal is the world’s fastest run­ning? (7) 22 What com­pete for the Ad­mi­ral’s Cup? (6) 23 What sub­stance causes jam to gel? (6)


1 Who wrote Anne of Green Gables and seven “Anne” se­quels? (1,1,10) 2 What is a trop­i­cal cy­clone in the In­dian Ocean? (7) 3 On a bil­liard ta­ble, what is the area be­tween the line across and the bot­tom cush­ion called? (5) 4 Whose (Ger­ard ___) 1891 light bulb fac­tory in the Netherland­s led to an elec­tron­ics em­pire? (7) 5 Which brothers, Ja­cob and Wil­helm, com­piled an an­thol­ogy of Ger­man fairy tales? (5) 8 What is on top of Mona Lisa’s left hand? (3,5,4) 9 Which song­writer mar­ried Jackie Trent and recorded many hits with her in the 60s and 70s? (4,5) 14 What Ital­ian ice cream con­tains nuts and can­died fruit? (7) 15 What is a sung com­po­si­tion with in­stru­men­tal ac­com­pa­ni­ment, of­ten with a reli­gious text? (7) 18 What na­tion­al­ity was the spy Mata Hari? (5) 19 How many world records were bro­ken when swim­mer Mark Spitz won his 1972 gold medals? (5)

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