Re­think be­fore land­fill is full

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A NEW en­vi­ron­men­tal cam­paign is chang­ing the face of the waste con­ver­sa­tion by mak­ing peo­ple look at their waste and what they are putting into land­fill.

The Face Your Waste cam­paign, to be launched by Min­darie Re­gional Coun­cil next week, hopes to en­cour­age a cul­ture of waste min­imi­sa­tion and get peo­ple think­ing about where their waste goes be­yond their rub­bish bin.

It is pre­dicted that land­fill site Ta­mala Park will be com­pletely full by 2028, leav­ing the 200,000 tonnes of rub­bish col­lected from house­holds from Vic­to­ria Park to Two Rocks with­out any­where to go – or the prospect of hav­ing to be redi­rected to an­other land­fill site in Perth, al­most cer­tainly at a higher cost.

“For the av­er­age punter, a lot of us don’t know there’s a prob­lem,” Min­darie Re­gional Coun­cil chief ex­ec­u­tive Gun­ther Hoppe said.

“It’s out of sight, but there is a real is­sue that in 10 years this land­fill site will be full. We want to cre­ate aware­ness that what we gen­er­ate does cause a prob­lem.

“For so long re­cy­cling has been the an­swer to waste and it’s great rather than see­ing waste go­ing into land­fill. Now we want peo­ple to look at their re­cy­cling bin and think how can we re­duce what’s in there.”

His big­gest tip for house­hold­ers: re­duce pack­ag­ing, be­cause “we buy too much pack­ag­ing.”

The Ta­mala Park fa­cil­ity, which is near Min­darie, pro­cesses rub­bish from house­holds in seven lo­cal govern­ment ar­eas: Wan­neroo, Joon­dalup, Stir­ling, Perth, Vin­cent, Cam­bridge and Vic­to­ria Park.

Mr Hoppe ac­cepted there would al­ways be some ma­te­rial that would end up in land­fill but ide­ally the best thing was to not cre­ate waste in the first place.

“The first thing peo­ple can do is not gen­er­ate waste. Be par­tic­u­lar about where you buy and how you buy – don’t use plas­tic bags, take your own bags, don’t buy things in pack­ag­ing,” he said.

“The sec­ond step would be if you do have plas­tic and glass pack­ag­ing, re­use it or re­pur­pose it at home first.

“Use glass jars for mak­ing jam, or dec­o­rate them to use as pen­cil hold­ers, be­fore you con­sider putting them in the re­cy­cling bin.”

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