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I RE­ALLY dis­agree with church groups con­tin­u­ously knock­ing on your door in the Trigg area.

It seems to be in the mid­dle of the day and has been go­ing on for years since I have lived here.

Re­cently this hap­pened again and my 10-year-old daugh­ter an­swered the door. The two peo­ple then said to her, 'Can you give this piece of pa­per to your mum?', so my 10-yearold opened the door and took the pa­per from them.

This is to­tally un­ac­cept­able and the safety of our chil­dren is be­ing com­pro­mised. I have since had the stranger dis­cus­sion with her and I have also tried to con­tact the group to ask that they do not con­tinue to come and knock on my door.

I have also con­tacted the po­lice who have said that peo­ple have an im­plied right to knock on your door to speak and sell etc. They sug­gest putting a sign dis­play­ing ‘no sales/church groups’.

They also say to con­tact the church di­rectly and dis­cuss with them.



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