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HELLO SM, I am 70 years old and have been read­ing your mag­a­zine since day one.

Many years ago you printed pics of my yel­low XB and XY GT repli­cas in Read­ers’ Rock­ets. I think my sons pinched my mag; would you have a copy for me? One son, Ja­son Loane, owns the KULPRIT XD Fal­con; my other son Guy Loane is build­ing up a ’38 Hud­son Ter­ra­plane coupe.

My is­sue is about clutches; I have a yel­low BA GT, which has a fairly light clutch, but what after­mar­ket clutches are avail­able that I could re­place it with? Maybe you could you do an ar­ti­cle on clutches some time? Thank you.

John Loane, email

HEY John, we’ll have a dig for the mag with your cars in it; in the mean­time, here’s a shot of Ja­son’s XD. Rob Her­rod rec­om­mends an or­ganic-disc unit from xtreme­ for your GT – Telf.

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