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A WHILE ago Si­mon Ma­jor wrote a yarn on our web­site be­moan­ing the key­board war­riors who pour scorn on mod­i­fied cars with cries of “wrecked a clas­sic” or “should have left it stock”. Simo thought such com­ments “go com­pletely against the legacy that our hot rod­ding fore­fa­thers cre­ated by buck­ing the re­stored car es­tab­lish­ment”. What do you reckon?

Loc Nawrik – If cars aren’t raced, crashed, mod­i­fied and gen­er­ally built for per­sonal taste, then we would be swamped with ‘clas­sics’ that aren’t worth shit be­cause of an over-sup­ply of them. I’m build­ing my ’69 Fire­bird my way, which is not to orig­i­nal specs. All that means is that the guy who re­stores his car to show­room spec will have less com­pe­ti­tion and his car will be worth more.

Matthew Auger – It’s all dol­lars now. Monaros, Fal­con hard­tops and To­rana hatches were cheap once upon a time, so box­ing the guards, tubs, bon­net holes etc was all good. Just like the panel vans. I like the DIY ethic be­hind old Aussie cus­toms.

Bren­don Bell – It would be a bor­ing world if we all left our cars bog-stock. I am an 80s kid and en­joy the look of some of the older cus­toms. I don’t care if it’s stock, mod­i­fied or a hot rod – at least they have sur­vived the crusher.

David Hamil­ton – If it’s still nice, some­one will get nos­tal­gic for it and drive it around. Not that long ago no one ever thought peo­ple would re­store XD Fal­cons. The neg­a­tive com­ments mostly come from 12-year-olds with NFI how stuff works in the real world. Some peo­ple prob­a­bly think my old Cortina speed­way car was a waste.

Gary Shep­herd – I sus­pect that most of the neg­a­tive com­ments come from peo­ple who have never ac­tu­ally at­tempted to build a car. If you have you’ll never bag some­one’s pride and joy, even if you don’t like it, be­cause you un­der­stand the blood, sweat and tears that go into them.

Andrew Galle­hawk – One of the best ar­ti­cles I’ve seen in ages. The best en­thu­si­asts are the ones who can ap­pre­ci­ate the pas­sion and cre­ations of other en­thu­si­asts. I can ap­pre­ci­ate John Saad’s Grand Champ-win­ning RX-3 as much as Mark Wil­liams’s tonner.

Jon Jr Roberts – Th­ese days I pre­fer to re­store the old girls, but some cars are be­yond that and would suit a cus­tom build. Whether it’s a new or old build, no one should leave neg­a­tive com­ments about it. They don’t know the his­tory of the car or its true con­di­tion. The only time I cry about a clas­sic is when they are left out­side to rust back into the earth.

Paul Robbo Rob­son – I had a rust-free, re­sprayed, orig­i­nal 253 HZ wagon sit­ting out in the weather for seven years for sale. I didn’t want much for it, but I couldn’t give it away, and it has now been claimed by the rust gods. Where were all th­ese ‘what a waste’ crowd when a clas­sic needed to be saved? Sit­ting on their com­put­ers and phones com­plain­ing.

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