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The blown, me­chan­i­cally in­jected 360ci Wind­sor swal­lows 22psi worth of boost, topped by that sky-high cus­tom King’s Crown hat on a Fowler in­jec­tion body. Chang­ing from its former car­bu­ret­tor-fed low-pres­sure fuel sys­tem to the higher-pres­sure in­jec­tion meant new lines and en­gine bay­mounted tanks to hold the methanol, as well as the new En­derle pump. Len Grass Engi­neer­ing took a solid chunk of metal and Cnc-ma­chined an awe­some bil­let throt­tle­body for AGROXA, feed­ing a huge amount of air into the rpm­friendly Wind­sor. The bot­tom of the en­gine fea­tures more bil­let good­ness with the Cnc-ma­chined oil pan from Dai­ley Engi­neer­ing and four-stage dry-sump oil pump

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