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PRICE GUIDE: $9000-$17,500

THE big­gest change with the BF Se­ries II was that the XR6T now got the ver­sion of the en­gine that FPV had been us­ing in its F6 Typhoon since 2004. That meant it got the tougher con­rods from the Lpg­pow­ered ver­sion of the four-litre six and the stronger valve springs it had been beg­ging for from day one.

The trade was still learn­ing fast, too, and the new six-speed auto was cre­at­ing its own prob­lems. Sand and swarf from the en­gine-block cast­ing process was find­ing its way into the cool­ing sys­tem and ef­fec­tively peen­ing the thin, in­ter­nal trans-cooler pipes. When that hap­pened, coolant could get into the gear­box proper and stuff the mecha­tron­ics quick-smart. Big dol­lars. Diff bushes were still a wear item and the tail­shaft cen­tre-bear­ing could fail.


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