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PRICE GUIDE: $13,000-$29,000

FOR the FG model, Ford fi­nally went to the tur­bocharger unit that the XR6T should have had from the start. While the orig­i­nal used a large snail for lots of flow, that in­evitably led to some lag. Not ter­ri­ble, but not as snappy as some of the emerg­ing small-ca­pac­ity tur­bos that were start­ing to rule the world. But by fit­ting a smaller turbo unit to the FG, the lag was sud­denly ban­ished, since the turbo could spool up much faster. Out­right power was now up to 270kw and torque was a mon­ster 533Nm. The dif­fer­ence is ob­vi­ous from the first drive, too.

The trade reck­ons the FG is the one, but you’ll need to swap the stock turbo pipe for an af­ter­mar­ket one, as core shift in the cast­ing process makes the stan­dard pipe no­to­ri­ously thin-walled in places. The fu­sion-welded tail­shaft of the FG is also a worry and they have been known to twist. An old-school welded shaft from a BF is the re­place­ment.


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