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WHILE the en­gine was at Pow­er­house get­ting built, we fit­ted a dummy mo­tor to the car so we could make up all of the in­ter­cooler pip­ing, ready for the en­gine dyno. Adam Ro­gash and the boys at MPW in Dan­de­nong mounted up the Plaz­ma­man in­ter­cooler and then made the stain­less pipes to suit my for­ward-fac­ing plenum and ex­haust man­i­fold.

As you can see by the pho­tos, we went through the guards on ei­ther side and down and around into ei­ther side of the ’cooler. With the way we’ve mounted the in­ter­cooler, it doesn’t hang down be­low the front bumper at all, so it’s pretty stealthy.

While we were on the tools, we also mounted the Tur­bosmart Race Port blow-off valve and 45mm Hyper­gate HP ex­ter­nal waste­gate. With this boost man­age­ment hard­ware we can run north of 30psi, so I’m hang­ing out to see the whole thing to­gether on the en­gine dyno and mak­ing power.

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